Dude Just Wants a Sweater

Perhaps the mention of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse (or whatever it's called) made Sven think. Between November and May the guy is almost always cold. In the beginning, he might have thought that by hooking up with a knitter his thermal worries would be over. After all, since I specialize in all things wool and cashmere, Sven probably assumed that he could safely rely on me to keep him warm and toasty all winter long.

Imagine Sven's surprise when no sweater was forthcoming after our first winter together. What happened? Maybe I didn't notice that he was constantly cold when he came to Boston. Did he not shiver enough? His lips not turn a deep enough shade of blue? Did I somehow find his goosebumps attractive? I'm sure he thought it was a fluke. Maybe I was too busy or too stressed to think about knitting him a pullover. Winter turned to Spring, Spring turned to Summer, and I moved to New York. "I'm living with a knitter," he thought. "It's just a matter of time." Winter number two came and went, and still no sweater.

Clearly Sven had no idea about The Curse. Now, I'm not normally one to abide by such superstitions, except that, well, you never know. Why tempt fate?

Why indeed? And, as we come into winter number three, Sven's apparently taken the hint:


Of course, I said "yes". Wedding next October.


Congratulations! That's great news!

Congratulations! Now you can plan some major sweater knitting for next winter.

What a wonderful post! Best wishes to the two of you!

CONGRATS!!!!! It's a beautiful ring. May there be many, many subway rides together!

CONRGATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you, and what a ROCK! I said yes to my sweaterless fiance last October and we are getting married TOMORROW! Let me know if you come up with a nice pattern for your man.... after this weekend I will have to start planning! :-D Hooray for fall weddings!

WOW!!! Congratulations!
A traditional blessing for marriage from my heritage:

May your mornings bring joy
and your evenings bring peace.
May your troubles grow few
as your blessings increase.
May the saddest day of your future
Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.

Way to go! So happy for both of you. And the way you announce it is funny - does this mean that you'll knit him one this winter, or does the curse still apply until you're actually married and so he has to wait one more year?

congratulations!! the ring is beautiful and fall weddings are the best!

Congratulations!!!! or, as my people always say, Mazel Tov!! This is such great news and I'm so happy for you both! Many hugs (and exclamation points!!!!)

congratulations! :) I am very happy for you and Sven!

Congratulations on your engagement!

Congratulations. I'm so happy for you!!!

Congratulations :)

so great! :) are you planning his sweater now? hahaha.


WOOHOOO! Congrats :)

That is AWESOME :)

YAY!!! Good man - about time he figured it out, hee hee! CONGRATS!!

(And the ring is beautiful, by the way.... ;) )

Congrats! What awesome news. Yay!

What wonderful news!! Best wishes to both of you!! Beautiful ring. Now where are the knitting needles and Sven's pullover??

Eeeee! Congratulations!

(He knows you won't start knitting his sweater until next November, right?)

Congrats! Here's a candidate pattern - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/tweed-cable-sweater

I made this for my how husband as a wedding gift - he wore it on our honeymoon and it looks great on him!

Congratulations, it's beautiful! :)

Congratulations! Time to get knitting, eh? :)

Wow that is gorgeous, Congratulations to you both.

awww.. what wonderful news. Congratulations to you both.

Congratulations! Time to start thinking about patterns!

Congrats! Gorgous ring!!

Congratulations Colleen!! Beautiful!

Squee! Congratulations! The perfect way to get a sweater.

Congratulations! I got engaged back in July... now I wonder if he wants a sweater... he keeps asking for one...

Congrats!! And way to go taking the hint Sven! We like a man who learns :D

Very nice ring too! I'm sure a sweater is a fair trade.

YAY!!! I'm so happy for you!

wow, that ring is STUNNING! congrats once again! :)

Wow! Congratulations!! I also waited to make (well, FINISH!) a sweater for Adam until I got that ring on my finger . . . worked well for me! I'm planning to knit him one sweater each year from now until he tells me he doesn't need anymore sweaters! ;o)

If you need wedding planning help drop me a note, I became a PRO at this!!

wah hoo! the ring is gorgeous. Congrats! an october wedding will be perfect.

Congrats! Happy Sweater, I mean, Wedding planning!

Congratulations! Your ring is gorgeous, by the way. :)

Yay! It's official! Congratulations, you two. And now, of course, you'll have to knit a sweater. Which begs this question: is there any problem for pickers with getting their beautiful rocks caught in the working yarn?


Congratulations! Though the Sweater Curse is still powerful stuff... :)

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!!! I'm very happy for you and your new fiance.

You outsmarted/outlasted the sweater curse and lived to tell the tale!!!

Congrats again!!

Awesome news! Congratulations to both of you.

Congratulations! And the ring is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news! Best wishes to you.


Congrats! October weddings are the best!

Congratulations!! Fantastic news.

Congratulations! I'm happy for you!

Congratulations. Being an engaged knitter is quite exciting. I know I'm looking for all ways possible to work knitting into my wedding. I'm excited to see how/if you will work it into your wedding.

Much happiness to both of you!

Ohmigoodness congratulations! And the ring is lovely!

Awww..that's the cutest thing I've heard in a while. Boy is slow on the learning, but he has definitely realized what needs to be done in order to get himself a sweater. LoL.


ooo congrats!! I tried to trick mine with the whole sweater curse thing but he's really patient.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both! (and somehow I'm sure it's for more than want of a sweater).

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you. He is a very lucky (and smart man).

Why buy the sheep when you get the sweater for free?

Congratulations! Your ring is beautiful.

Congratulations! And, that is a lovely ring.

Oh, Colleen - congratulations!!!!! I'm so very happy for you both!

Also? That was maybe the best engagement announcement post I've seen - very fun :)

Congratulations to you both - have fun planning :)

Congratulations!!!! So what sweater will you make?? (And the ring is stunning!)

Congratulations! But now you will be so busy the sweater will have to wait :)


Congratulations! Way to hold out on the sweater. :) You are right, why tempt fate?

Better start knitting that sweater now!

Awww, what a great post! Congrats to you both!

Congratulations! The ring is worth at least one sweater. Best of everythingt to the both of you.

Congratulations! Maybe you can make him a wedding sweater (it's certainly far enough away to aid in completion)!

Oh, how pretty! Congratulations!!!

But really, is it safe yet to knit for him. Technically he won't make it official till next October...

:-) Congratulations, Colleen!!!!!! I am happy for you.


Congratulations!! That's great!

Mazel tov! That's an expensive sweater!

Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to you! I hope you have time this weekend to sit and admire that beautiful ring and think lovely thoughts about your future!

Congratulations! How exciting for both of you!

What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you both. As long as we are offering congratulations in the modes of our cultural/ethnic groups, let me say, "Tanti auguri e buona fortuna!"

Dude has great taste! Congratulations to you both!

Congratulations... best wishes, many felicitations!
I love princess cut diamonds. My engagement ring has a princess cut diamond and is flanked by two deep blue princess cut sapphires.

Man, what some men will do to keep warm! LOL

Congratulations and best wishes!!

P.S. Beautiful ring

That's a beautiful ring. Congratulation! Now you can start knitting the sweater and not finish it till after the wedding, just in time for the really cold weather.

Fantastic news. Congratulations!
May you have many long and happy years together.

Cozy Warm Wool Wishes to you both. How beautiful! Does He get the sweater now? Or Do we need to have a committee sweater.
someone do the back- I like backs. Someone do the sleeves- two of those, Someone do a front - if buttons-two of those, someone do the Putting together. Someone to knit the neck and someone to finish. I could not think of a better gift and make one for you too!
That would be the greatest gift your knitting buddies could give you Sven.

Let us know. Ok, all of you who know Colleen-- What do you think.

OH! I forgot! Definitely have to have the matching scarf, mits, and hats. How many on this committee?
((( Circle of Life Hugs to warm you forever)))

Congratulations. That's a lovely ring and a lovely story.

Congrats!!! What exciting new s you have shared...I wish you both the very best.

(Very pretty ring...shiny!!!)

Congratulations to you both!


Congratulations! What a lucky guy Sven is. Every happiness to you both.

Congratulations! Beautiful ring.

FANTASTIC news. (Also, FANTASTIC ring.) Congrats!

Congratulations! I just recently got engaged also and I think he wants a sweater too!

What a beautiful ring! Congratulations!!!!!!

Congratulations! That'll be fabulous. I keep knitting warm sweaters for my husband in San Diego. Just because I can . . .

Congratulations!!! Fall weddings are wonderful. Wishing ya'll a lifetime of happiness.

A Fall wedding! What a lovely idea! Hope you and your intended are delirious!

Can't wait for details!


What a sweet story! The ring is beautiful. I am quite partial to that cut myself. Best wishes to you both. Are going to knit the wedding dress?

Congratulations! Beautiful ring too.

Yay You! And Yay Sven for figuring out you only get the fiber when you "buy" the fleece. Archaic I know, but it was the only analogy I could come up with, spur of the moment.


I've enjoyed your blog for quite some time - great knitting content, and your slices of NY subway life are so interesting.

Again with the YAY! Okay. Now I feel stupid but still happily excited for you!

April, way over in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Seriously though?


Congratulations! May your lives together be as beautiful as your ring. Now, what color cashmere does he like?

wowee...i just got the chills....i am so happy for you.....

Congratulations, Colleen! Having gotten married yesterday, I can say October is a wonderful time for weddings. Best wishes!

Congrats! Beautiful ring, fantastic post.
... I guess you have to knit him that sweater now!

Mazel Tov!

Don't forget to turn your ring under when you are on the subway (from a born and bred NYer)

Way to go, Sven!!! He's a lucky guy:)

Congratulations, I'm happy for you both. Best wishes to you both. The wring is gorgeous.

Congratulations! I now wait 5 years before a new family member gets a sweater, that way I know they aren't marrying in just for the warmth of wool!

YEAH! Congrats, it's a lovely ring:-)

Hooray, Colleen and Sven!!! Woo hoo!!! Now, I hope you have a nice sweater picked out for that man, b/c he has waited long enough. Ring is on the finger--it's time to start knitting! ;)

Wow, Colleen! That's fantastic news! Congratulations to you both. YEAH!

Congrats! That's a beautiful ring...deserves a beautiful sweater in return. ;)

YAY!!! Congratulations to you and Sven.

Congratulations!! The ring is beautiful, very stunning on your hand.
I hope you have wonderful year planning your big day and a lifetime of happiness.

Congrats again to you! Your ring is stunning--you've obviously chosen a man of taste. May his sweater be as gorgeous!

Yay! Great news! It took me 10 years to make Jon a sweater. You'll just have to keep him warm some other way until then, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

CONGRATS!!!!!! Much happiness to you both. *raises knitting needles as a toast*


(are you going to start on that sweater now?)

Congratulations! How wonderful for both of you!!

See what happens when I take forever to read my bloglines? Really big, important news breaks and I'm caught flat-footed.

Congratulations and best wishes to you both! Dude just wants a sweater, indeed.

Most excellent of news.

Congrats! :) And make him hold out for that sweater. ;) I just started mine for my husband of 4 years. Makes them appreciate it more. LOL!

Congrats! So, are you going to start knitting a sweater for Sven in October 2009? ;)

Wonderful! Best wishes to you. October is a beautiful month to get married in. I should know! Beautiful ring--if he selected that on his own, he's got terrific taste.

Congratulations! I hope you two are deliriously happy!

Yay! Congratulations! October what? Do you know the date yet?

Congratulations! When do you get started on the sweater???

Funny about the boyfriend sweater. I just THOUGHT ABOUT knitting one, and just as soon as I got the yarn, we broke up. Beware of the curse. It works!

Congrats!!! The ring is beautiful...

Congratulations and best wishes, Colleen! What wonderful, happy news!!!

Congratulations, Girl! I'm very happy and excited for you and Sven.

All this talk about "boyfriend sweaters"...have you picked out a GOWN yet? And, you know you're going to need something really light, lacy and beautifully hand-knit to throw over your shoulders as you dance your wedding night away! By the picture of that beautiful ring, I'd say Sven loves you like crazy. He won't mind waiting a little longer for the Sweater. How 'bout some funky socks to go w/his tux?

Huge congrats to you both :)

Wonderful news!!! Beautiful ring! October is such a wonderful time for a wedding. Love the autumn colors. Congratulations!! Now, the big question is ------- does he have to wait for the wedding band to join the engagement ring before he gets that sweater?????

Congrats!!! It's amazing what they will do for knitwear! Before my husband and I got engaged, I would only knit him hats and scarves, no sweaters (and he asked!). Then we got engaged, and within a couple days I came home to find him flipping through one of my pattern books and commenting on how nice this cardigan would look on him in green. Gotta love a guy who knows what he wants. But congrats to you!

Congratulations!!! Next October, huh? Does that mean a honeymoon at Rhinebeck? Maybe at that point, Sven can pick out the yarn for his sweater!

Many congratulations, and thanks for a very amusing post!

Beautiful ring, Colleen. I love the cut - very unique. Congrats again to you and Sven :) Sometimes it takes a while for the boys to get the hint ;)

I'm so far behind here, but I wanted to say, "holy crap that's a lotta comments"

Oh! and congrats :)

Sorry I'm super late on this (three week business trip, way behind on blogs), but congratulations! :)

Oh congratulations! Such a beautiful ring too. I just decided to knit the boyfriend two sweaters, for Christmas nad his Birthday: am I paranoid now?

Congratulations! Now you should come join us in the "With this String" group on Ravelry!

So great to follow you on your path and see where you are today. Congratulations! Weddings can be great fun. Enjoy it!

I missed this post! Congrats!!!

Congratulations! The guy figured out how to get the woman AND the sweater. Major points.


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