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Um, Wow?

Thank you, thank you for all your well wishes and congratulations! I'm was totally floored by all of your comments. Wow!

It's been more than a week, and Sven didn't ask for the ring back (ha--good luck, buddy!), so I suppose that this whole wedding thing is really going to happen. I promise not to turn this blog into a wedding planning site. That would get boring for you, and more importantly, boring for me. You don't come here to read about the wedding, you come to read about the knitting.

Here's what I'm working on now. It's the Ooh La Lace Stole [Rav link] from Lace Style. I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca--the yarn specified in the pattern! Long time blog readers know that this almost never happens.


Here's another photo:


As you can see, I don't know how to take a good photo of this lace.

I am enjoying the knit so far, but it's slow going (like just about all of my knitting projects these days). I knit last week only at Spiders, and probably the same this week again. Why? How do you say "German is kicking my patootie this semester" auf Deutsch? It's an accelerated course, and man, it is sehr schlecht. It's funny, because I knew that the course was accelerated when I registered for the class, but the implications of the "accelerated" designation didn't register with me. It's a good workout for the brain, but it's so fast that it's almost not enjoyable.

Let's just hope that the German doesn't supplant the knitting math.

Dude Just Wants a Sweater

Perhaps the mention of the Boyfriend Sweater Curse (or whatever it's called) made Sven think. Between November and May the guy is almost always cold. In the beginning, he might have thought that by hooking up with a knitter his thermal worries would be over. After all, since I specialize in all things wool and cashmere, Sven probably assumed that he could safely rely on me to keep him warm and toasty all winter long.

Imagine Sven's surprise when no sweater was forthcoming after our first winter together. What happened? Maybe I didn't notice that he was constantly cold when he came to Boston. Did he not shiver enough? His lips not turn a deep enough shade of blue? Did I somehow find his goosebumps attractive? I'm sure he thought it was a fluke. Maybe I was too busy or too stressed to think about knitting him a pullover. Winter turned to Spring, Spring turned to Summer, and I moved to New York. "I'm living with a knitter," he thought. "It's just a matter of time." Winter number two came and went, and still no sweater.

Clearly Sven had no idea about The Curse. Now, I'm not normally one to abide by such superstitions, except that, well, you never know. Why tempt fate?

Why indeed? And, as we come into winter number three, Sven's apparently taken the hint:


Of course, I said "yes". Wedding next October.

Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (14th Street Edition)

Hmmm, maybe I can do every other day blogging. How would that be for everyone? It's not like I have enough knitting progress to show you all something every day. I can imagine the posts, "Look, everyone, two entire stitches!" I should at least show you four :-).


Anyway, I happened to catch a knitter waiting on the platform at 14th Street. Cleverly tucked behind the blue pillar, we will never know much about this woman.

Oh, and I wanted to say something about my knitted dress post from a few weeks ago. According to the comments a lot of you were bothered by the bobbles. I didn't expect that. Apparently we have a very strong anti-bobble readership chez Subway Knitter.

How Was Rhinebeck, Everybody?

Rhinebeck--I didn't go this year. Can you believe that this past weekend was the first one in--I don't know--six or seven weeks when I had no plans? Granted, a lot of these plans were for fun, vacations, a wedding, and family visits, but I also had a business trip thrown in there (in Chicago--not at all a bad place to stay a couple of days) that took me out of town for the better part of a week. I needed a weekend off!

All that threw my knitting into quite a tizzy. I know what you're thinking "Yeah--and your blog is totally lame these days." I can't deny it. But let's not dwell on the past (too much), let's get right to the latest FO:

Blue Cardi.jpg

Ta, freakin' Da, it's my finished Golden Vintage Cardi (Ravelry link here)! Despite this knit taking me six months, (Due completely to my own inability to focus for more than an hour on anything these days. Is adult-onset ADD a real thing. I should look that up...) Oh, right, the cardi. Despite this knit taking me six months to complete, I loved--seriously loved--this pattern. I would recommend it to anyone. And the yarn (Classic Elite Provence, if your curious) was delicious. I can't wait to use it again.

Something interesting to note. Do you know how "they" are always telling you: "Do not knit from yarn that's been knit up before, unless you wash it and weight it, and blah, blah, blah it"? I always ignore this advice. But can you see the top of the sweater in the photo? I reused yarn to reknit the shoulders and neckline. Can you see the difference in texture between that portion of the sweater and the lower body? I certainly can. This piece needs a good soaking--I hope that the texture will even itself out.

The slow pace of my recent knitting projects does not bode well for a plan to knit the Kate-ster a sweater for Christmas. Christmas 2015, maybe. '09, not so much.

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