Too Cool for School!

Monday night Sven and I were in SoHo doing a little shopping. On our way to the subway, we walked by some random store on Broadway.


Want a closeup?


A knitted dress! How cool! I don't, however, see myself wearing such a getup, because it would look ridiculous on me. I mean all kinds of stupid. And I would anticipate that the dress would be completely stretched and misshapen after only two or three wearings. Probably not the wisest way to spend your clothing dollar.

Still, cool, no?


[you posted! woo]

pretty cool though I don't get the pink bobble-like-things on the bottom. I really like the cables running all over the place though!

hmmm a knit dress? I can hardly finish a pair of socks....there will be no dresses in my

Definitely cool! Except maybe for the hot pink bobbles...

Bobbles? What the....? The cables are very nice though.

Very cool. I like, it, too (except the bobbles)

very cool. exactly the kind of thing one might purchase at the second had store; just for kicks. wonder what numbers the price tag on it had?

I like the top section. There are so many cool knitted items out this fall!

I'm with you in the spirit of celebrating high-fashion knitwear, but, it does strike me odd that the window dresser would mix an off the shoulder top with a heavily textured wool jumper.

Very cool. Kind of like MD Ann's Olympic Sweater!

What's with the pink bobbles? Did you find out the price?

Years ago, I knitted a rib dress out of the Vogue archives. It's so warm, I can only wear it to work two or three days of the year, when the temperature has dropped so low that it cancels out the office's central heating. It's like wearing a big warm hug. (NB The ribs mean the dress has kept its shape really well.)

- Pam (lurker)

Eeewww. The bobbles look like an afterthought once the designer realized that she picked the most heinous color for the rest of the dress and had to save it somehow. Eeewww.

I love the cables and the idea of a knitted dress. The bobbles/yarn sores I could do without.
BTW, lunch was fun today. Hope you can make it when we meet up in a couple weeks.

Arrgh! Crooked hem! It would make me crazy. Also, I am far too old for that look...lots of knits all over, though, that's nice...

Cute! It looks like the type of thing I wouldn't mind wearing with a short sleeve top or a turtleneck. It might not stretch as far as one might think given all of the cables.

I even like the bobbles, though if they were going to be pick or some other pretty girly color, I would want the body of the sweater in a mottled green with brown. That way it would be reminiscent of flowers instead of just another stray bit of texture.

Cool indeed. But yes, it seems like it would stretch out, esp with all those heavy cables... but still cool. :)

Somehow, my store bought sweaters always stretch out less than my handknit ones... Like the sweater dress, but the multicolored thingamiggigs at the end? Not so much. I love window shopping though :)

Its neat but I dont know how I feel about the off the shoulder shirt under the dress. Then again I guess the shirt isn't really part of the dress...or is it?


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