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Too Cool for School!

Monday night Sven and I were in SoHo doing a little shopping. On our way to the subway, we walked by some random store on Broadway.


Want a closeup?


A knitted dress! How cool! I don't, however, see myself wearing such a getup, because it would look ridiculous on me. I mean all kinds of stupid. And I would anticipate that the dress would be completely stretched and misshapen after only two or three wearings. Probably not the wisest way to spend your clothing dollar.

Still, cool, no?

Chugging Along

I'm close, so very, very close:


Back to the needles!

NYC Wants me to Blog!

That can really be the only explanation for it. With summer officially over (although my summer vacation doesn't begin until next week), perhaps the blogging mojo will resurface. Just to be on the safe side, however, New York is conspiring to give me blogging material.

First, take this example:


I see you, mystery knitter, waaaay over there in the corner, just working on your whatever-it-is without a care in the world.

Second, I show you some knitters soaking up the afternoon warmth at the Goldman Sachs building. Maybe they were discussing yarn futures.


I think that's one trading desk I could see myself sitting at!

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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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