Pop Goes The Knitting

Oy! Where is August going? I would like to say that I've been a busy beaver working on that sweater, but I haven't been. Frankly, it's been in time out. It's not that I don't love the design--I really do. It's just that my summertime brain can't seem to do math. I had to frog that neckline again. I didn't feel like taking you through my angst. That's what you get for (mostly) winging a fix, no?

And I have a couple of hours knitting left at the most. I should just hunker down and Get. It. Done. First, I had the kitchen reno as an excuse. Then I had the recovery from the reno. Then I hosted the Spiders' summer Gala (where I did, if I recall, correctly actually knit). Then this weekend, a simple fix of a phone wire (by Sven) turned into an all-weekend, quick-call-a-plumber, shut-off-the-water extravaganza. Details on my Flickr page.

All's well that ends well, and we're incredibly lucky that there was really no major damage. I've got a little area of drywall to patch; a little bit of wood patching and sanding; and some painting to do.

But let's talk about something happier. Popknits! A few months ago, Steph mentioned that she had a great idea for a new online magazine. You might remember that Steph was the brains behind the redesign of this blog earlier in the year, so I had an inkling that this was going to be a great idea.

Steph being the go-getting type of person that she is, she collected pattern submissions, built the site and is arranging for the whole thing to go live come September 1.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the patterns.

Which do I like? Well, I must be in a cardigan mood lately, because I'm jonesin' for this:

Footlights Cardi.jpg

But, I'm also thinking ahead, and I think that this would work nicely with a coat I have:


So much knitting. So little time until September 1.


i'm just guessing it's the current happy life that's disrupted your knitting mojo. Summer weather, new pad, groovy roommate -- so many other things to do! :-)

Yeah, Summer is kind of the logical time to take a knitting break... You'll get back in the saddle soon :)
Your apartment is going to be awesome once you work out all the kinks!
Yay, Popknits!

Thanks for the heads up on Popknits. Just from the preview, I can see two projects that I'd love to try.

Hey there, Stephanie! Tempus fugit and all that...

I'm glad the phone wire fix / plumbing crisis turned out to be manageable after all. Phew!

I really like the cardigan too. Because it is slightly cropped it will be a good project to do with my limited yarn budget (I liked a lot of the latest IK, but I can't afford to buy more than 5-6 balls of yarn for a top right now).

I'm flattered you like the Footlights cardi, Colleen! Now if I could just manage to take a decent detail picture of the lace...



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