I Feel Like a Rockstar

In the past couple of weeks I've been everywhere: Manhattan, Brooklyn, upstate (twice), Queens (for a meeting), New Jersey (just passing through), Delaware, Philadelphia (for an hour), and the list goes on and on.

I know what you're thinking, "That Subway Knitter, she really gets around." Indeed I do!

Then, it should come as no surprise to me that I'm now getting royalties--just like a rockstar!

Royalties Baby.jpg

Some of you might remember that I had a pattern published last year--my CharlieCard Mittens became IK's Subway Mittens. Apparently, Interweave Press decided to issue the pattern as a download in its Pattern Store. As part of an agreement, I receive $.35 of every download. Yup, you read that correctly, thirty-five cents!

Okay, so I won't be calling the realtor to buy a condo in Boca.

Royalty Amount 0806.jpg

I know what you're thinking. "Don't quit your day job, Subway Knitter."


I guess that's one way to find out that 32 people bought your pattern!

But 35 cents? CRIMINAL. You can't even buy a stamp for that much.

Keep saving, it'll add up -- or just get yourself a burrito and a beer :-)

Hey, it's income! My husband has gotten at least *two* checks that big off the video game he wrote a few years back.

(When people ask if he's ever made money with the "video game thing", he loves being able to look at them like they're insane and say "of course." He won't get into dollar value specifics, but the "of course" usually quiets them down.)

Hey! It's something! But yeah, 35 cents is pretty paltry!


I'll make sure to tell all my knitter friends to download it, as long as we get dibs on the spare bedrooms in Boca!

$.35 per sale? Wow.

It ain't much money but it makes you a (drum roll, please) Professional Designer. I know, more money would be nice to go with the title.

Gratz!! thats fabulous!!

$0.35 per download is pretty paltry, eh? Nonetheless, I think you should set aside your $11.20 and buy something small but very lovely for yourself with it. Congratulations! And you have to admit, that all that stuff about the mark of the devil being on the mittens (or whatever it was) was worth a fair few dollars for laughter value too. Ha!

dude - you are a paid designer! that totally counts for even more than $11.20. ;)

I hope you know this means that you can now deduct all your knitting expenses from your taxes, missy!!

hhmmm, $11.20 eh? i feel like your pattern is worth so much more! but i'm sure that you can treat yourself to a sic pack of beer with that! :)

I am so impressed! (not really) It really makes it clear why Twist came out the way it did. I heard through the grapevine that most designers get paid about 7.00 a pattern from these companies...which is disgusting. Next time you design a pattern go to Twist first, that way you will reap most of the benefit, which is how it should be IMHO.

Yes I was very saddened a while back when I found out how little the actual designer makes on the patterns sold. So sad. You can't even buy a good tarp for $11.25 let alone that condo in Boca.

Hey, royalties are royalties! It may not pay for the condo in Boca, but eventually you'll be able to buy a skein of yarn! ;-)

10% is 10%. Keep at it. It does add up.
Missed you these past weeks.

According to Ravelry, there are 127 projects, 185 queues for the mittens. While that is not money in the bank, it is more than 15 minutes of fame.

You ARE a rock star. All kinds of non-knitters have made sure that I was aware of the Charlie Card mittens, which is great for the obvious reasons, and also because I get to say, "Oh yeah, I know her!"

I don't really know how it works in the business, but 10% on something doesn't seem really horrible (but I'm mostly thinking that if you could't do anything with the pattern after getting published at IK that 10% is better than nothing). It will be really interesting to see how different pattern designing is monetarily with the Twist Collective.

It may not be a fortune, but I think its awesome to be published at all! Maybe I will be your next 35 cents :)

Hey! Didn't you just get back from a European tour? I hear that's where the big money is...

I'm sure you earning money off the mitts probably just makes them more evil, but it does also make you (as others already said) a paid designer, retiring off it might be unlikely, but I reckon it can go into a stash fund of some kind :)

Le sigh. Boca is overrated anyway. Next pattern, you sell yourself and keep all the profits.

p.s. Yep. A RockStar!

Yeah, royalties sure are royalties! Enjoy, eventually. And you ARE a rockstar.

(P.S. We may be moving to PH for a while...)


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