Mystery Subway Crafter of the Week

Dear Mystery Subway Crafter:

Dude, counted cross-stitch! Seriously? How do you do it?

Cross Stitch 0728.jpg

Knitting is one thing, but counted cross-stitch is an entirely new level. Okay, you win.


Subway Knitter


Given an easy enough pattern, cross stitch on the train isn't really any harder than knitting.

I did hardanger on the train once (it kept stopping - a LOT - so I had safe intervals to do the cutting). It worked, that once.

But never again. Knitting is much safer for all concerned!

I would totally poke my eye out if I tried to do that on the train. Either that or prick my finger.

I quit counted cross stitch when I had a toddler messing with the pieces of thread. Can't imagine trying to sort threads on the train, especially if you couldn't hang them over the seat in front of you! That's one dedicated dude.

I do it all the time. Subways, busses. Ya just need to take your time. If it wasn't for the fact I havent been on the subway for a while, that could almost be a picture of me.

I grew up on counted cross stitch (among all the other crafts) and it's very doable!

I had switched to knitting prior to moving anywhere that had a subway, but I definitely cross-stitched on a lot of planes. I can't imagine doing it on the T, though - as it is, if my knitting requires a graph, Brad gets assigned clicker and chart holding duty.

Only in New York - you would never see that on the T in Boston.

I have to admit that I have to have a pattern but I can craft in any situation, lol! I just get tunnel vision.

I meant pattern stamped onto the cloth, OOPPS!

I agree, he is the winner. I have to be home alone, totally relaxed with no interuptions in order to follow the charts needed to counted cross stitch.

Well the operative word is "Counted." Half the time I can't even cast on the correct number of stitches for knitting.

I used to do counted cross stitch on the T. It helped a lot if you had a pattern that had a blocks of one or two colors and just do that part - no chart, no counting. Sort of like doing the p2k2 ribbing on the train and doing the lace work at home.

I used to do counted cross-stitch on the train before I mostly switched to knitting and I've done tatting on a bus. It's all in keeping yourself organized and not needing too many pieces at a time.

Gotta say that's pretty impressive, on the subway and all.

I used to do counted cross stitch on the DC Metro and the Alexandria DASH bus before I took knitting back up six years ago. I didn't think it was very difficult -- just required a little planning.


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