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No, I haven't moved down South. Although, with the humidity soup that is New York City these days, I'm beginning to wonder.

But, where I have I been? Nowhere, really. It's just been me, NYC, subways, and a new kitchen. Some of you might remember that I mentioned our plans to redo the Subway Knitter K├╝che. And that's what's been happening over the past couple of weeks. Some photos:

cabinets.jpg Here's the pile of cabinets that occupied about a quarter of our dining room. The cabinets arrived just before I left for Germany, and they loomed large for about two weeks. Call me crazy, but I didn't want to announce the the entire internet that 1) I had a big load of nice expensive cabinets sitting in my apartment and 2) I was leaving said apartment unattended for several days. old kitchen.jpg

Here's a photograph of the kitchen before work began. Note how white and cool the room looks. Nothing wrong with that, but close up everything looked a little bit tired. We also had a white tile floor that was absolutely impossible to keep clean for more than five minutes (I think that you can see stains below the stove). I did a little dance when that floor left my life.

Here's the chaos about half-way through:

getting there.jpg

no kitchen.jpg

And here are some photographs of the way that the kitchen looks now. Of course, we don't have countertops, a sink, or a functioning dishwasher at the moment. We do have a microwave and a stove. It's a huge improvement over last week. We're still subsisting mostly on the Whole Foods prepared-foods section, veggie burgers (me), cheese sandwiches (Sven), and good restaurants in Prospect Heights (lots--you gotta check out Vanderbilt and Washington if you haven't been over here lately).

almost finished.jpg

almost finished 2.jpg Sweater In Bag 0723.jpg

Here's some minimal progress on the cardigan. Between the dust and the distraction, I didn't do much knitting during the past couple of weeks. Despite Sven's terrific project-managing skills (seriously--it was wonderful to leave contractor-dealings to someone else), I found the slight disruption and total excitement at seeing the new kitchen taking shape to be enough to knock off the knitting mojo.

Sweater Top Status.jpg

I'm slowly, slowly reworking the top. In addition to knitting, I'm also thinking about this fix a lot. Any time that I doubt my math or my methodology, I stop and think. Lazy summer days, and lazy summer knitting. Not, unfortunately, in my new kitchen.


the kitchen looks great!

The kitchen looks great - I really like the backsplash.

Welcome back! You've been missed.

The kitchen looks really good. Congrats on that.

Cabinets looks so cozy and I love the backsplash!

It looks great -- can't wait to see it all done!

Wow! Your kitchen looks terrific! And oh, how I envy your gas range!

Ooo, like the warm color on the kitchen wall now. I currently have super-modern (NOT) 70's wallpaper in my kitchen. Avacado, burnt umber and copper. Stripes. And the copper is metallic.

I *really* like your walls.

That's looking super! I hear you on the floors, especially... we have white tile and it is the bane of my existence. I love your choices!

oh my god, i LOVE the back splash! can't wait to see that in person.

Your kitchen is looking fabulous!

Kitchen remodles just suck, but it looks like you've come through okay. I shudder to remember the days.

Lucky! I want a new kitchen!

What a hassle, but worth it.

Wow, the kitchen looks great!

Love the orange walls! Your new kitchen is fab :)

I love the line of little drawers nest to the stove! They are just plain-old cute. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. There is nothing like brand new, fresh, and just the way you like it. Enjoy!

I love the new kitchen. Germany looked like fun! Welcome home!

The kitchen looks lovely. I hope it's done soon.

I don't blame you at all for not mentioning the kitchen work before. You never know who may be lurking around.

I love the new, warm colors for your kitchen. My favorite part is the row of little drawers between the stove and dishwasher!

The kitchen looks just lovely!

It looks fantastic! I love the backsplash. Remodeling is such a draining experience, even if you aren't doing any of it yourself. Enjoy returning to your knitting!

The kitchen looks great:-) I wouldn't have been able to focus on my projects either. I am so jealous of your kitchen. Mine is a pos,lol!

Glad you're back! You know how I worry.

I love the look of the kitchen, especially the new floor (I know all about that white tile nonsense).

Keep us updated with pictures, okay?

Oh, thank heavens! I thought you might be sick or have broken your hand or something!

The kitchen is an inspiration. I am trying to let go of a white tile floor - they are so beautiful when they are clean - for about two minutes and then they are a bear to keep that way...sigh...

You will please come to Chicago when my kitchen redo comes around? I have the taste but not the follow-through.

Fabulous job!

Wow the kitchen is really coming along isn't it? I LOVE it so far.

What fun! I have a dream of someday buying a home with a HORRIBLE kitchen so I can justify a complete remodel.



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