WWKIP Day, BK Style

So Saturday dawned, hot and steamy, as World Wide Knit in Public Day. I'm not sure what's so special about that for me, because (as you know) I KIP every day, but I'm not one to let such an event go by unnoticed.

Given that chez Subway Knitter, BK was mere steps from the meeting site, I thought that it would be especially foolish to miss out.

So, about 1pm I donned hat and sunglasses and made my way slowly to the Brooklyn Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum is this amazing institution housed in an equally amazing structure on Eastern Parkway. I can't hardly believe that I live so close to it and have visited only once. Shame on me.


Siting on the steps of the museum, you are treated to a show by the fountain:


And, if you're lucky, a breeze blows some water spray your way.

Anyway, Saturday marked visit number two. I must admit that I approached the gathering with a bit of anxiety. Would I know anyone? Would people be nice? Would people think that I was silly for bringing a cardigan sleeve to a knitting event?

The thing about knitting, or any hobby I suppose, is that it gives you an entry line with anyone else who shares your interest. So, "What are you knitting?" immediately morphs into "Where did you buy that yarn?" "What do you think of that store?" "Oh, you live near there? So do I!" And suddenly you have more in common that just the knitting.


This was all very nice for me, because I don't participate in a Brooklyn knitting circle. Spiders is about all the knitting group time I have every week. Still, I hear that there's more BK KIPing planned for next Saturday. I might just need to stop by and catch up.


I'm in your photo!!! I'm the little purple dot with the hat on, right to the right of the woman in orange. I'm sorry I didn't meet you, but I hope you'll come next Saturday!

Looks like a great place to KIP. I sure would enjoy getting in the fountain and knitting there while the water cools me off!

You were so brave to sit outside in the heat! After Renegade, I was pooped ;)

I wish I came! I was looking forward to it, but made a last minute switch to taking advantage of a free rental car for the day. Looks like it was fun and I'd TOTALLY be down for some BK KIPing next weekend!

hi you,

the computer is letting me check out a couple of blogs today - and even comment! So hi - happy anniversary in NY, and hope the sleevy progress is going well. Looks like it was a great day in the steps! (should have brought a cold beer, huh?)

We'll be buying a new computer this week, so I'll be back soon and check in again!

I had a very, very similar experience in Boston. I just made sure to have my ziploc of knitting out, and sat down next to some people who seemed like my demographic and was like "Hi! I don't know anyone!" and it was fine.

WWKIP day is awesome. :)

welp, there I am. trying to knit without sweating. An impossible task, to say the least. I hope next time we KIP, it will be at least shadier. Or with a lot more water droplets spraying our way. :)

I would say I was sad to miss it, but I'd be lying, the time that I was out and about in Bk on Saturday had me overheated and exhausted - yuck.

You were such a trooper to be knitting out there in the heat. Maurizio and I, after briefly saying hi to you, retreated to the indoor comfort of the Public Library nearby.


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