Whoa Nellie!

Thea's cardigan is NOT supposed to look like this:


Definitely that neckline is waaaay too low and waaaaay too wide. Sure, there's a collar that gets added on later, but that's not going to help enough.


So, there's only one thing to do: undo the sleeve I seemed in and frog back the top of the cardi. I've got to reknit the neckline higher and narrower. While I'm at it I might pull in the armholes a bit.

Sigh. It's not what I was looking forward to doing (I was looking forward to wearing the darn thing) but this cannot be avoided. And, when you come right down to it, it's not such a huge deal.


How do you do it? I just can't deal when i get all the way there and something is wrong. Maybe its because i don't know what will fix it- but all that work and its such a HUGE let down!

Oh no! I wonder if you could knit a wider collar, so that it would come up higher and cinch everything in?

It's so smart to spend the time to fix a knit gone wrong. You'll wear it more if it's right and the hours you spent on the fix will be negligible. Go for it!

YIKES! I just hate it when that happens.

But you're a better woman/knitter than I. I goofed up the neck on a cardigan last winter. I was disheartened and put it in the basket to be dealt with later. Later still hasn't arrived. Perhaps in the fall when I need a cardigan again.

Wow, I'm impressed on all kinds of levels.
1. you share your mishaps. thank you for not being so proud that you let us keep the illusion that "experienced knitters"=perfection
2. I was impressed that I even thought of possibly taking something out (frogging) but you are actually going to do it!
3. And you will still probably finish all that before I finish the one sock that I started in April.
You rock!

Ah, but let's not be so quick to assume Colleen did something wrong here. As I print out my pattern and play with the front collar math, I realize our poor subwayknitter is also the victim of Test Knitter Syndrome - a nicer way of saying MY BAD.

the early version of the back which our poor C. worked from had 8 sts more total in the center, making for a wider, and droopier neckline. A few revisions back, i had rethought the fit in general, decided it was a little loose, and changed the measurements across the back for all the sizes, making them a little less wide -- but alas, it was too late for poor C.

And absentminded me, never sent along THAT change, did I??

As if I already don't owe you so big, huh? xo

Good catch, but you know, sometimes I just like a wider collar. It shows off the only bone left I have to show!

Oh no!! Good thing you hadn't seamed in BOTH sleeves!

Oh no! I hate that feeling when you realize that it is just not going to work. I hope it was a fun knit!

Oh no! Just when the finish line was in sight! I'm sorry, Colleen. I have faith that you'll put everything right, though.


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