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You might wonder why there's only one sleeve there. Well, my row gauge was a bit off (actually a lot off) and as a result my sleeve caps were a bit too short. Idiot that I am, however, I didn't bother to compare the caps to the sweater body until I finished knitting both sleeve. DUH-uhhhh!

Oh well, lesson learned. And, the reknitting really went quickly, thanks to some Saturday knitting at the Brooklyn Museum Sculpture Garden. The Yarn Monkey and Eliza are organizing these Knit PH (that's Knit Prospect Heights, for the non Brooklyn-ites in the audience) meetups outdoors (more information at the Meetup website). I have to say there has seldom been better KIPing weather. My apologies, however, for being a bit anti-social and sticking to the bench (with back support) rather than the round benches surrounding the trees.


Well, I don't blame you! The wooden bench WAS much more comfortable than the concrete slab around the tree! I hope we get to talk to you a little more next time! And I'm very glad you came!

The sweater looks lovely. The color is gorgeous! And I"ve done similar things with sleeve caps. I have a sweater that's 90% done but has been stuck in a basket since February because I just can't deal with the damn sleeve caps.

My pregnancy brain is going haywire, I really thought I commented already - yikes! Good luck with those sleeves!

I can see the issues with row gauge and sleeve caps.

Poor schrodinger...does she see two of the same posts, too?

You are so right, the weather is spectacular for KIPing. This week in particular. I wish I could have been there on Saturday but I had family from out of town.

Maybe next time (and surely you'll have finished the sleeve redo by then!) Happy Knitting.


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