Not Exactly True

Okay. It wasn't exactly true to write "nothing but knitting" yesterday. I have to admit that I also played tourist:

The view at night from the Empire State Building:


The thing that always struck this suburban girl whenever she viewed a city from high above is how it seemed to go on forever and ever. I guess that I'm still amazed by that visual, but now I'm starting to recognize where various pieces are and it doesn't seem so enormous. No matter what, though, it's still pretty cool.

I wished the Brooklyn Bridge a happy one-two-five (that's 125th):


And I went to a family wedding. Where I saw (for a brief moment) Kate:


Kate's a busy girl who likes to run around:

BlurryKate0603.jpg BlurryKate20603.jpg

And I think that's okay. In fact, I noticed that the only thing that would slow down Kate was the promise of a good meal.


Incidentally, Sven and I rented a car to travel to said wedding. You might know (or have guessed) that we are delightfully car free here in NYC. It's fair to say that I don't miss my car for a second. At first I enjoyed ignoring opposite-side parking rules, the freedom from worrying about my car on the street, and the ability to forget about scheduled maintenance. I can now add to that list the ability to be blissfully unaware of gas prices (yes, yes, higher gas prices mean increased costs elsewhere, but humor me here for a moment). We had to buy gas in Connecticut on Friday. Egads!!! It cost something like $50 to fill up our teeny tank. That would really cut into the yarn budget if I had to do that once a week. A Hummer (I know!) pulled up to the pump across from us. I wanted to stay to see how much the driver spent filling up the tank, but we didn't have time.


That Kate has the cute-o-meter off the charts!

Playing tourist can actually be fun! I walked across the Brooklyn bridge not too long ago...
Kate is a cutie (but we knew that already) :)

Our neighbors have a Lincoln Navigator, a big Mercedes, a Harley and a Hummer, a riding lawn mower (for a tiny yard) and two ATV's so the precious children can do their part to deplete the oil reserves.

It was no big surprise when the bank foreclosed on their house last week. :::rolling eyes:::

I can't imagine how much they spent on gas in a week. Guess "looking rich" was more important than keeping a roof over their heads.

I bought a hybrid three years ago, so I don't make the gas trip as often as I used to ,but yesterday I went over $50 for the first time ever! YIKES! ( Kate is as cute as ever!)

wow, that story from dee is crazy! yeah, i'm afraid to have a car next week on vacation. so much gas! looks like you enjoyed the wedding and the weekend!

Wow--Miss Kate is really growing up! I bet she's outgrown everything you and KG have made for her. You'll have to find a pattern for something nice and summery for her. Minnowknits has a sweet little cotton dress that would be beautiful on her. Sitting on a balcony, fire escape, park bench, wherever--knitting for a sweetie like Kate doesn't cost any gas at all.

I love the Brooklyn Bridge picture! And Kate is more adorable every day!! Such a little lady, she is.

You would probably have fainted at the price to fill the Hummer (I am assuming it's the original, humongous one - not the H2 or H3) . A co-worker has an Escalade, and spends a fortune to fill it ! My Matrix isn't a hybrid, but it has the versatility I need (thank God we didn't buy a minivan!!!!!) and gets good mileage.

Kate is adorable and looks like a cherub in that pretty dress! Great shots of NYC!

That's one reason I love New York too-- no car (and no gas, insurance or parking worries)

I hope we'll see you at the Brooklyn WWKIP!! :)

Great date spot- empire state building, in the evening.
I test drove a smart car last week and I gotta say, it was pretty cool. The gas prices are a major turn off.

That Kate is one beautiful baby!

I'm so glad that I'm car free in Boston. People are always surprised that I don't know how to drive because I grew up in a much more rural area. I just got used to the idea that two hours walking was within acceptable walking distance to get to something. If I had a bike, I'm sure I would do the same thing and go to yarn shops within a two hour spread of my condo. No gas for me!

What a little cutie! Love the action shots. ;)
And thank you for reminding me, once again, all of the reasons why it would suck to have a car in NYC. I will repeat them over and over next time the desire for one creeps up on me....


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