Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Joy and Happiness Edition)


Ah! Nothing beats a seat on the train and long rows of stockinette after a long day at the office. Okay, maybe a seat on the train, long rows of stockinette, and a beer. Or, maybe a seat in the garden, long rows of stockinette, a beer, and nice music playing softly in the background. Or, what about: a seat in the garden, long rows of stockinette, a beer, nice music playing softly in the background, and someone giving me a foot massage.

Oooh, yeah! I think that we've got it now.


That sounds like the perfect way to end a week!

That does sound wonderfully idyllic, though I might substitute beer (which I do enjoy) with a rich, dark red wine. Ahh.

A foot mean the thing my husband refuses to do because he said that I have 'peasant feet'??

Also, isn't that knitter doing the Lace Ribbon scarf? Too tricky for public transport, that's what I say!

The book arrived! My little friend will have a field day! Perhaps she will have to come to NYC so you can take her picture working that loom! Thanks!

Sounds wonderful...a seat on the subway with time to happily knit away on your current project.

Omigosh. That's me. That's ME!


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