Mysterious Missed Connection

You might remember that I sometimes cruise the Craigslist Missed Connections website. Usually it's when I'm on the phone. I find these things so silly. I mean, if someone can capture your attention in the subway of all places (I think that 95 percent of these posting are about brief encounters on the train), then it's worth working up your courage for a moment to speak to this person while you have the chance. Personally, if someone can't be bothered to speak when the opportunity is there, there I couldn't be bothered responding to one of these silly posts. [Not that I would for a moment, given that I'm off the market.]

Anyway, perhaps you might feel as if you were distracting the person in question--from her knitting:

You: In summer's heat, I am wondering: What could you be knitting? You were on the F train and got off at Chruch ave. My stop was one before yours, but I stayed on to see where you would get off and hopefully have enough courage to ask you. Alas, you got off with only connecting eyes with mine. If this is you, or do you know a knitter in summer?!? contact me? I would like to say Hello.

This is NOT me. But it's got to be one of us, no? If it is, I hope that it makes your day that you turned someone's head. And, I think that it counteracts the (incorrect) assumption that you'll never meet anyone when you're knitting knitting. Heck, I indirectly met Sven because of knitting. [That, dear readers, is a story for another time.]


it might be one of my readers! i've had a few people tell me that they've seen me knit on the F train :)

This is quite a find in the Missed Connections listings! I love the idea that this guy is fascinated by a knitting girl :)

Now I want to hear that story!! The Sven story!

That's so interesting. I just finished watching a movie called Adrift in Manhattan. It revolves around the lives of 3 people who go to/from their jobs each day. Yet each person was dealing with a crisis that kept them isolated from other people in their personal lives. It showed how they learned to re-connect with people and the world around them.


hilarious. You're the Knitting Matchmaker.

Yeah. What Rose said. I want to hear the Sven story and how knitting brought you two together.

That guy has his work cut out for him methinks.

Now... to the Sven story.

Um, yeah, we're all waiting for the Sven story now!
Ha! Not me either, but you're right, it has to be one of us. "What could you be knitting?" Puh-lease! He obviously has no idea what he'd be getting himself into.

I think that's fantastic. The guy has good taste!

Now about that Sven story...

Hmmm, I do live off the Church Ave stop on the F...and I knit all the time on the train. However, I'm also about to pop with baby #2, so I'm thinking it wasn't me. I mean, unless this guy has some weird fetish thing about very preggo women.


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