Happy New Yorker-versary to meeeeee!

Today marks the beginning of my second year in New York! One year ago today I greeted my first morning as a full-time New Yorker. I actually moved a year ago yesterday, but since most of that day was spent driving down to NYC and unpacking (thanks again Jackie and Eric!) my apartment into a storage space, it almost doesn't count.

I spent the next several months convincing myself that this was indeed the real deal. Don't misunderstand: with only a few exceptions, I loved being here from the moment I alighted from the moving truck. However, it felt very, very strange. I was, indeed, living here full time, and not just on some kind of extended-stay visit. Then, I spent much of the next year trying to find my way around. I'm still trying. I don't remember Boston being this bewildering (except for Somerville and that whole Fresh Pond area in Cambridge--terra incognita). But Boston is a smaller city. And, although it's been an excruciatingly slow process, I am learning how the dots connect. Maybe within the next decade I'll be able to leave my maps at home. Watch, it'll be just in time to move to New Jersey, or something crazy like that.

Speaking of crazy, how's this for crazy cardigan-sleeve progress?


[To answer the question that question that many of you have: do I still miss Boston? Of course! There are lots of things and people to miss when you lived in a place for eight years. I haven't, however, had a "Wait. WHICH city am I in?" moment for a long time--and that's a relief. Frankly, those were momentarily disorienting. Much like the recent heat wave. And when I read this on Boston.com on Monday, I will admit that I longed for a sea breeze.]


A friend of mine moved to New York 3 years ago and she still carries a map everywhere so don't lose them yet.

I've been here for 7 years come October from Boston. I still get lost and depend a lot on Hopstop.com to get me around. I think not having a car to drive around and find my way adds to the lost/tourist feeling as well.

Congrats! Getting lost is just part of the adventure!

Yay! Congrats! We love having you here.

I was born and raised here and I still use the map to get around.

I was extremely sheltered in that way so I may not be the greatest example : )

Our pleasure!! Glad you're settling in :)

(We just hit our year mark too, and I still feel like we're just settling in too. Like, pinch me, we live here? Really? :)

Happy New Yorkiversary! My DC-iversary will be July 14th....when I first got down here from Boston, I had the same "extended-stay visit" syndrome. It was quite weird for awhile there.

I'm not loving DC anywhere near as much as Boston, but I know it's just a stop along the way. Slowly figuring the place out, too - and how to navigate living in the suburbs now, too. Yuck.

Happy New Yorkiversary! My second Boston suburb-iversary is coming up, and I have to say, I only recently started feeling really settled.

I totally did not get any of that ocean breeze thing yesterday, if that makes you feel better. And then there were brown outs, so no AC at work yesterday. Ugh.

Happy New Yorkerversary! Isn't it nuts how fast a year goes by? ;)

Lucky you! I love to visit NYC and my DH and I often talk of relocating there. That is how I ended up reading your blog in the first place - city envy! :)

Congratulations! Nice to have you here and documenting the Subway Knitters! :)

OK, I feel a little better about still being unsettled here in the Big Apple, and I still miss Boston. But New York is wonderful, no? Happy New Yorker-versary! I'll have to remember to post mine in November.

congrats! I definitely still miss Boston, but I've only been here for 6 months, so perhaps it will fade? we shall see...

I am completely envious of you living in NYC. Although I live in Chicago, there really is nothing like New Yawk. I've been there 3 times and intend to go back every year with my daughter and some girlfriends. It truly is my happy place.

Anytime you get a hankerin' for a blood popsicle, you come back and see us...

A sea-breeze is every so often to be scented below the West Village -- I would occasionally get a whiff leaving work on Hudson St. And then I would crane my neck and do some serious deep inhaling that I'm sure looked totally unhinged to passers-by. But an island girl can't help it!

I totally carried around a map book for 2 years. i covered it in pretty paper so no one would know I was looking at the map.

Now I"ve been in New York 5 years and I'm just getting to the point where I can actually "wing it." I think I need enough time to sync up all my teeny maps in my head. I had so many years of walking from one familiar place, going down a block, and ending up somewhere else familiar that I had no idea was right there!

It helps to walk and not subway. I was on a big kick for a while of always walking from union square to canal street or 34th street etc when i needed to go between them--I learned a lot! Then I got mono though so the walking ended and now I hibernate in brooklyn.........

It took years to lose the Boston map.

We were west of the cooling breeze. It took awhile to reach us.

Happy NewYorkiversary!

Can you tell behind I am in my blog reading? Sorry about that.

::sounds horns:: Congratulations! It seems like only yesterday in some ways, I bet. You're doing fine and remember, there's so much more yet to learn.


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