Go Germany!

And I don't just mean in the Euro Cup Final. I'm going to Hamburg. I spend all day yesterday packing:


What? I am packed.

So, yeah, I think that I'll have a lot of knitting time on my hands. Eight hours, to be exact (well--let's hope that it's just eight hours, know what I mean?) Hopefully, by the time I return next week I will have a) finished the neckline b) expanded my German vocabulary by a few words.



Have a great vacation!

Sounds like a great time - have fun!

Have a safe trip and happy knitting!

Lucky you to be there for the Euro Cup final.

Have a great time!

Have fun and drink a stein for me!

For whenever you arrive: Welcome!
I love reading your blog, though I never left a comment before. Now I have one: Have a great time and see if you get the chance to try some Milka chocolate!

Munich subway knitter to be

Have fun! Just a warning-- I don't think they'll let you take the knitting on an international flight. Ask when you check in, so you can check it if you have to. Get some German yarn!

Have a good vacation. Maybe you can find a German knitting circle on Ravelry.

Safe travels! Who knows? By the time you get this comment you may already be in Germany. And a certain cardigan may be close to completion :o)

Hey! Hope you are having / did have a great time, keeping my fingers crossed on that collar.

Have an excellent time. I just love Germany!

woo hoo have a great time!

Hope you have a great trip. I was in Germany for the last week of May and had a great time on my river cruise with my Mom (81yo). Lots of knitting time and yarn shopping time. Can't wait to hear what you see there.

Hey, we're, like, neighbors! Well, kinda. Like, down the street neighbors, not next door neighbors.
Hope you're enjoying your trip! :)


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