Denial, it ain't just...

You know the rest.

A good case of knitters' denial had me pushing aside Thea's wonderful cardigan pattern last week. What was wrong? Well, nothing as it turned out. But I had this nagging feeling that my armhole shaping was off on the front.

Finally on Friday I decided to face facts. If it was, indeed, wrong, then I needed to fix it. If not, then I could just finish up those last few rows and continue with the sleeves. As you might know, knitters' denial does not prevent one from starting other bits of the project, just from fully investigating what might be wrong with the relevant bit.


I have an informal deadline for this knit: three weeks! So, can I knit a sleeve in a week? I think I can. Better get a move on.


Isn't it a three-quarter length sleeve? That should buy you some extra time.

ugh - it must be the time for sleeves - I am working on both of mine on long single points. I thought it would help me get through them faster... not so much :(


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