Why Did Nobody Warn Me?

Yesterday after work, I headed to Midtown to visit M&J Trimming. You see, I have a pair of shoes that will not stay on my feet. These things should not, technically, be called shoes. "Flingers," perhaps. But, "shoes"? I don't think so.

Besides the fact that they don't stay on my feet, these "shoes" (for lack of a better term) are quite cute. Patent leather ballet flats with a trim of grosgrain ribbon.

It was the trim that gave me the idea. What if I had a cobbler sew lengths of black ribbon to the shoes? Then I could tie a little bow that would a) look cute b) keep these damn things on my feet.

So, it was off to M&J I went in search of this ribbon.

Let me preface these pictures by writing that if you need any kind of trim for any reason M&J will have it. Trust me. My first thought when entering the store was "Holy guacamole!" [Especially appropriate for Cinco de Mayo, no?]


I spent about 15 seconds walking around looking dazed when someone (the manger?) approached.

"Can I help you?"
"Oh, yes. I need some grosgrain ribbon. But first, I need to soak in this place."
"Ok. The ribbon is right here. [Lead me to the 10-foot high Wall of Ribbon]. But take as much time as you need."
"Wow, uh, thanks!" I was totally dazed by the amount of ribbon.

Then I checked out the trim sections. Again, I was completely overwhelmed by the selection. And, again, I stood there for way under a minute before I was approached by an employee asking to assist me.


So, suffice it to say, the staff at M&J is all over helping out their customers. If you go, you will most definitely be taken care of.

More pictures:

Crystals, anyone?


Finally, I'll leave you with the biggest buttons that I've ever seen. Just to give you a sense of scale, those buttons below the large ones are probably about one inch in diameter.


These had to be about as big as the palm of my hand.

Catch y'all tomorrow, with a sweater update!


WOW! If you can't find it there.....

Wow... what a preview of the place... I am so curious I am heading there soon :)
Take Care.

Oh, did I forget to mention M&J??? It's one of my all-time favorite destinations. If I ever move back to NYC, I want to work there. I've NEVER walked out of there without spending a fortune. I can find buttons, trims, upholstery and home dec stuff, you name it. Imagine the buttons you can get for your other sewing and knitting projects. (Puts Windsor Button to shame, really.)

Amazing!! i would love to be in New York right now! :-)

I've walked by it a lot, always been afraid to go in. Now I know why.

M&J is rather overwhelming. But they have some wonderful things. No one was willing to help me when I was there last but I wasn't really sure what i wanted so I didnt mind be ignored. In the end I decided against my trim idea and left empty handed which wouldn't have happened if someone helped me and then what would I have done with the trimmings?

I love that you post links to places like this:-) I am hoping to move to New York in 5-6 years and am making a little folder of places to check out! Thanks for doing this & please keeep it up!

Holy Cow!

I always thought that I would really love New York, but perhaps it is better that I'm very far away. I could ( and would) get into some SERIOUS trouble with such places at my disposal. (slight sigh from the hinterlands.)

See now, I had that "wow" experience at their online store. I'd prolly hyperventilate if I went there in real life! With all those choices, I'm wondering did you get the ribbon to fix your shoes?

Wah ha ha ha ha!

Yes that is an evil laugh.

I *love* that place, it is so much better since they redid the space.

The vintage ribbon section gets way too much of my money.

Gotta say that I must've waited 10 mins to get the attention of someone to actually help me get an item I wanted from a high place. I love their selection of stuff, but hate their prices.

If I had told you!, I would not now be able to refresh my memory with these wonderful photos.. But Really! How come it took you so long to get THERE ?

((( Circle of TRIM Hugs )))

I had always thought to go there. The pictures do look like they have a ton of stuff!

Wow, I thought Britex in San Francisco was cool because they have a whole floor like that. Imagine an entire store! *swoon*

Thanks for sharing your visit to M&J... I could do some serious shopping in there! Woo!


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