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I've been mighty selfish these past couple of weeks. Work on Thea's cardigan is steaming ahead. I'm having fun, I'm enjoying the design, and I can't wait to get it finished and try. it. on.

The back is completed, along with the left side. I'm about halfway through the right:


I hit one hiccup on the right-side shaping. The pattern asks you to decrease two stitches just above the ribbing. I did this fine on the left side, but completely and totally forgot to do it on the right. Forgot, that is, until I knit about four inches above the ribbing.

Drat! So, I made an on-the-spot executive decision. I just added those decreases on the right side higher than they are on the left. I don't think it's going to cause a major difference in fit, and I don't think that anyone will notice.


My mother always said.. "No one wil notice on a galloping horse." I believe that firmly. If someone is looking at your sweater that closely, they are WAY too close.
it looks beautiful..

Love the sweater, it's turning out beautiful. Good work.

You're right: I don't think that anyone will notice!

Wow that's fast work. I just finished the back for my daughter's cardigan. It's only my second one though.

Your work looks so lovely and neat too. I love the colour as well.

Heck no, no one will notice. As we always used to say, "close enough for government work." (don't know why we always used to say that.)

Very pretty color.

Definitely close enough for government work!

I used to have the same argument when I was sewing my clothing for the SCA. I didn't tend to bother hemming anything, because hemming was my official not fun anymore part. Did anyone care enough to comment? Nope!

Looks great! I am so anxious for the test knitter's to complete their work on Thea's cardigan. So far everyone seems to be enjoying it.

no one will be the wiser.

I added those little decreases because I didn't want the cardi to be shaped so much as I wanted it to fall kind of loosely - but I did want it to come in a teeny bit so it wasn't so square. Make sense?

Will be fine wherever you add them!

I love the detail on this cardigan. The color is fresh too. Great job.


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