The Long Awaited...

...cardigan update.


Last week things cruised along as much as they could. In between studying for a final, working, working out, and putting the finishing touches on our kitchen-cabinet order [Yes, finally! It was very exciting.] not much progress was made. Although, for the first time in a very long time, I did get some knitting time on Saturday and Sunday. One of my classes had its final meeting on Saturday morning in Long Island City, and I got some QT with the needles on the G train. Say what you want about the G--it's always a peaceful ride. Actually, the only thing that made the schlep from Brooklyn to LIC bearable was the thought of subway knitting.

Anyway, Thea's project is still holding my interest. I'm really happy with the Provence, the pattern, and the detailing. I love the way that the cable climbs along with the button band.

Although I can't hold a candle to Alison's progress, I do hope to be wearing this cardi shortly.


Looking good!
And congrats on the home improvement progress. I have a half sanded dresser that I've been wanting to paint for a few months now...

huzzah for kitchen cabinets! you're making headway!

you forgot to add harassing fellow subway riders. I hope she doesn't come by and find out! Congrats on the cabinets. Lastly I love the color of that yarn...what is it?

Not bad progress for a busy week. IIRC, some of the other photos have been more grey in tone. Would you say that this photo is closer to color accuracy?

The sweater progress looks great! I like the color and the cables in the ribbing. Good luck on the final and congrats on the kitchen cabinets.


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