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If you ever want to feel like you need a wardrobe overhaul, please ride the MTA with me. Conversely, if you ever want to feel like a fashion maven, please accompany me on my next subway excursion.

I guess what I'm trying to convey is that the subway, like New York City itself, is the great fashion equalizer. Sure, you'll be able to find a person (or in my case, more than one) who is dressed better than you. On the other hand, look around, you'll also be able to find someone who is, well, fashion challenged.

I guess that what I'm also trying to convey is that I've learned to filter out what my fellow riders are wearing (although I ever saw this guy in person, it might get a little difficult). With the odd exception, of course. This morning, I encountered an exception.

Now, I don't have a picture. I was standing very close to this woman, and if I had whipped out my camera it would have been unavoidably noticeable. In which case I would have had to ask permission. And really, the only appropriate response to "Can I take a picture of your skirt hem and your legs?" is "Hell, no! Get away from me, you freak." So, the image is seared into my memory. Unfortunately, I can't download that memory into Photoshop.

But, she was wearing a cute box-pleat skirt with navy stockings and cute-as-a-button Mary Janes. The fabric of the box-pleat skirt was small, random, vertical stripes. Somewhat like this:

SubwayStripes10502.jpg (this photo came from Fabric Lovers Unite where this particular selection is on sale).

Except not at all. Blues dominated, somewhat like this:

SubwayStripes0502.jpg (thank you Photoshop)

Except for the fact that the actual fabric was more subdued--there was a lot less white.

It got me thinking about sewing again. I picked up a pattern recently for a dress. I haven't had time, however, to explore fabrics. But now I think that I have a plan. And since my classes finish next week (Meetings of one class are, actually, over. The other ends next Thursday.) I think that I can give myself permission to sew.


I've totally had that nagging feeling to sew lately too. Mostly because I watched Shopgirl recently and everything Clarie Danes wears in that movie is so cute! I want to make skirts just like hers.

I was just thinking of posting something like this the other day. I don't go to the city or ride the subway often but I always feel hopelessly un-stylish when I do. The subway is the one place where you can get a good look at outfits and shoes without stopping to stare. For every fantastically dressed woman you have three or four real slobs/weird-os. I just hope I fall somewhere in between, but closer to the fashionable one ;)

I've already succumbed to the sewing urge. Two blouses and half of a dress, so far. More in the cue. Of course, here in Oregon, where we're still having the occasional hail storm; it could be that I'm just harboring a vain hope that it will ever be warm enough to wear stuff with short sleeves! But I've got the clothes coming, just in case.

When I lived in San Francisco, I rode the N Judah every day and there was one beautifully dressed woman who rode the same schedule as me. I'd always compare myself to her and I always came up short. So sad. She had such a way about her - the stuff she wore, the way she combined her pieces. The way her fabrics draped and fit was completely inspiring. And probably out of my budget too. I'd try (ha) and copy what she'd been wearing all the time.

Then one day, I sat next to her in a seat. Turned out, she was a he. Who woulda guessed?

And still, he was better dressed than me - how many years later and my holy grail is a buttery yellow rain trench with pea coat shaping and a hood which I've NEVER seen since. It was soooo lovely.

i was so excited a few days ago when i saw the woman who wears only green on the F train!


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