This So Did NOT Work

Can't win every time:


Although the photo doesn't illustrate my failure well, the idea (like the photo--symbolic!) failed miserably.

But it was fun, nevertheless, and thanks to a couple readers, I have no need to experiment further. Two seamless bootie patterns were brought to my attention.

Excellent. I know that booties are a great way to use up tidbits of sock yarn, and I especially like the slipper-type design of the Magic Booties. Add a strap and cute button across the top, and you've got some serious Mary Jane action.

Using the idea behind the Newborn Crawling Booties, my plan is to come up with a version that uses worsted weight yarn (I could adjust for gauge, but I think that it'll be easier to simply design a new pattern.)

Whee! Bootie fun! (Just imagine the google hits....)


Glad you like the Magic Booties (didn't think about the name!). Could you try yours with some kind of turned heel? Just thinkin'....

Ha ha. I wrote something about tamon art once and that's all that comes up now in my stats for searches. Who knew it was such a popular search item. Good luck with the bootie madness.

Does that make these a booty call?

I have a ton of scrap sock yarn, so I should check these out and see how much they call for. They could be a great alternative with the sock colors I have that won't work for blankets.

Thanks for the bootie link (wait, that sounds weird :)

Can't wait to try it!

I'll rave about this bootie:

They're like that joke about Volvo ads "Boxy, but good." Seamless, cute, and stretchy to fit baby feet as they grow quite a bit.

The pattern has no glamourous picture attached, but its the one I've been making since I found it in 1998-ish (back in the dawn of teh intertubez), including for my own kids. And the short-rowed round blanket that's on the same page is nifty too.


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