So Cute!!!

It's a six pack of cuteness.


The Details:

Pattern: the Baby Bootie pattern from this Filatura di Crossa booklet. Yeah, I had all sorts of plans to use a new pattern, but in the end I didn't have time to make gauge adjustments. I knit what I knew.

Yarn: Odds and Ends. The brown and white pairs are cotton. I know that the white is Peaches 'n' Cream. The brown is a mystery yarn that I picked up years ago in a Knitsmiths swap.

Needles: US 7s and 6s.

Will I knit this pattern again? Undoubtedly.

With these three pairs all ready for gifting. I guess that I'm ready for the next knit. This one, of course, will be all about me.


Very cute!

I love little baby booties (and baby socks and shoes). They're tiny little bits of cute.

They make my ovaries skip a beat! How adorable! I might have to dash out a handful of these for Warm Woolies. ( My sister will be adopting two babies from Russia soon and something like these will make a nice gift for the children who will be staying in the orphanage.


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