Congratulations to everyone who ran the Boston Marathon yesterday! You Bostonians might not believe it, but yesterday in New York, people were going about their days as if it was just a regular Monday! I think that some New Yorkers were not even aware that there was anything the least bit special about the third Monday in April.

Go figure. I guess, however, that the city was still recovering from the Pope's visit. Geez Louise, you might have thought that the Pope's visit was The Most Important Thing Ever to have happened in the history of the city. [Now, I'm not getting down on anyone's religion. If you thought the Pope's coming was cool, then I'm genuinely happy for you. And after the whole Devil Mitten Debacle of 2008, some of you might have thought that he was here to see me personally (he was not).] But, this is New York City. Nothing that happens here is the most important thing ever.

You might know that he celebrated a Mass for many thousands of people at Yankee Stadium. Now, at first I was concerned that this might give the Yankees an unfair advantage. I mean, he is the Pope. But then I remembered that this is the last season for the current Yankee Stadium. Furthermore, although that Red Sox jersey was removed from the new concrete, there must be some lingering karma. I think that we're even-steven on this one.

Anyway, the Pope's visit gave me a chance to stop and reflect. I will never think of my subway rides in the same way again:


Heh! Now that's funny!

I loved the story about the Jersey! Hope it raises a lot of money for the charity.

Your story about the Pope reminded me of his predecessor's visit to Australia in the mid-1980's. I was a nurse in a hospital along the route he took in Melbourne and a handful of patients went out to the curb to watch. When I asked one Catholic patient why she wasn't going down there, she said "It's only the Pope. It's not like it's Princess Diana!".

- Pam

PS: When Charles and Di visited, there were twice as many people lining the street.

You mean the Pope didn't invite you for a private reception after the Devil Mitten Debacle??? He certainly shirked his papal duties there. Heh heh.

heh, you would have THOUGHT that it was the most important thing ever based on the new coverage on NY1. seriously, it was ALL POPE ALL THE TIME! 24/7. geez.

I have to say that I don't get the Pope hysteria either. I went to read the NY ABC-affiliate's website and there was nothing but Pope news.

Surely, SOMETHING happened in NYC other than the Pope. Like you said --- it's NYC

I wonder if there was anyone KIPing at the stadium. That would've been a cool photo to get.

Well you do know that Hank Steinbrenner took some drastic steps to remove any lingering curse from that jersey.

Step 1:

The pope was step 2. (Go Yanks!)

Love your blog!! Well let me be the first to say I was excited the pope visited NYC....I had a ticket to yankee statium and yes I KNITTED before the mass (no pictures sorry).
Maybe not everyone (including my daughter) understands what the pope me its peace and love for all humanity and what could be wrong with that...there just was something magnificient about 60K people all praying at the same time...
P.S. also loved the mittens...

Well, there was some news of the Pope in NY on the Boston stations, but mostly in between news of the pitch that almost clipped Manny and Big Papi's stats...

Yeah Marathon! I came into work for a couple of hours, because everyone else (who isn't in Boston) doesn't remember that entire departments just close up shop for Patriot's Day.

Can't blame them. They weren't raised with it.

I'm shocked your mittens didn't warrant a personal visit! Apparently he needs to be re- educated as to what things are really important, world peace can wait there is knitting to discuss!

oh believe me, i knew yesterday was special! jon made sure of it.

also, he felt that the Pope went to yankee stadium to excorsize (sp?) the evil.

You're very punny!


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