Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Almost Edition)

Sometimes you just know that you're sitting next to a subway knitter. For example...


See the yarn in her bag? Could this mean that she was traveling to a learn-to-knit class? Perhaps we're witnessing a subway knitter in the making! This is indeed a historic moment.


I wouldn't be able to resist tearing into it while I was on the train. But I'm the impulsive tiype.

I am getting a good laugh picturing you peering into the bag of the person sitting nearby and snapping this shot. You have mad camera skills and give added meaning to "crafty."

Sometimes it takes me weeks, plus 15 minutes to cast on my next project.

How you took that picture without detection fascinates me. Maybe she was working up the nerve? Or perhaps she's a non-knitter bringing her knitting friend a gift? (sadly not me).


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