Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (4 Train Edition)


Trust me, those are knitting hands. I couldn't quite tell what this woman was knitting. It looked a bit like colorwork. Maybe a colorwork sock? I don't know. Maybe I never will, unless she's a member of the Ravelry Subway Knitters group.

So, are you taking the subway to see the Yarn Harlot tonight? I am not, unfortunately. I must confess that Wednesday night is laundry night chez Subway Knitter. Laugh not. If I get behind on laundry this week, there is no telling what's going to happen. It's also "home night" for me. The one night of the week when I don't have class, or gym, or Spiders, or, or, or.... It is important to my core level of sanity. I need it.


I like the idea of "home night" - now that I'm settling in, my nights are rapidly getting filled, and although there is always the weekend, I don't want to do EVERYTHING on the weekend....

I think everyone needs that kind of home night. Mine is tonight as well.

I love home nights but with the week I've been having I need a little yarn harlot

You skip the YH to do laundry? I think she would have something less than polite to say about that, just on general principals. Of course I have not had the pleasure, ever, of a YH experience, so I might be prejudiced in my opinion. And I am older, and have no compunction about getting behind in the laundry. I will stick to that statement, even when going to work eve comes and I am washing my uniform at 10 PM, trying not to fall asleep!
Glad you like the Baby Magic Booties--great name. huh?

Last year when Yarn Harlot was down in NY, I actually took the day off from work to go down (boy, was that a long day). I wouldn't mind seeing her again, but I have to wait until she is a little bit more local.

I need to crawl out of that rock I'm living under. I had no idea the Harlot was here.

I absolutely LOVE your modus operandi for this blog...snaps of people knitting on the subway is absolute GENIUS! I think that it reminds us that we are part of a quiet, but present, community...that we are all connected by our craft, no matter how different we are.

I am also in Boston, nice to see some familiar spots.

Come visit my blog sometime:

Do you get permission to take photos? or do you just use a phone?
I've been trying not to ask this question since the last photo you posted.
I can't see from the picture what she is doing but I believe you when you say she is knitting.

Aw, the NY subway. I'm feeling homesick. I did the reverse move that you did--moved from NYC/CT area to the Boston area. Hope you're enjoying NYC.


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