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If I had met the Pope last weekend, I would have taught him to knit. Long hours on Shepherd I would be a good time to knit all of the Cardinals red scarves for Christmas. When you're the Pope, you've got to start your Christmas knitting early.

I'm most decidedly not Christmas knitting right now. I'm working up the back of Thea's fine cardigan (non Ravelry link here):


When I'm not busy knitting, I'm busy enjoying spring. Because we live in an apartment rather than a house, "enjoying spring" does not include yardwork (I think that I am the sworn enemy of yardwork). But you know, we city people still have it tough. I was in Midtown last week and noticed this project:


How many of you suburbanites are painting your skyscrapers this year? Hmmm?


i'm a sworn enemy of yardwork as well. when i agreed to move to the suburbs i said that the yard was not my domain.

I'm not exactly a sworn enemy but I have the blackest thumb in the world. I can kill just about anything with kindness. So, in the interests of human/plant relations, I just avoid the entire endeavor. I do like to look though.

I don't like yard work but I dont mind gardening (there is a difference). I hate that my apartment just kills plants. 1) we're on the first floor so we have no light and 2) we have a bus stop right out side the apartment and I swear the fumes are killing my orchids.

cardigan's looking good.

They paint skyscrapers? WTF? I guess it's cheaper than implosion and rebuilding. LOL.

I knew I was far removed from the region of my birth, but never having heard about the painting of skyscrapers makes me feel all weird inside.

I'd love to be able to garden, but I seem to have a gray thumb (it's only the things I plant and pay attention to that die). The onion I randomly planted last year is wildly sprouting outside my window.

Knitting outside is a valid way to enjoy spring.

I'm an urbanite. The only plant I've ever managed not to kill is the lovely geranium that my daughter bought me for Mother's Day last year. I like it because it's hot pink! I am in awe of anyone who can make anything grow, and I love strolling through gardens, but that's it.

Heh. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one of the lovely gifts presented to the Pope was a really nice set of knitting needles and really soft yarn? The guy really has a lot of lovely crosses and crucifixes already. I bet he doesn't have much really soft yarn.

Beautiful work!

Ooh, that cardie is adorable! Hurry up and finish so the pattern will be available...

I was working that Sunday the Pope was leaving JFK and was PRAYING that we'd make it out of there before they closed the airspace to let the Pope go. It was close, but we made it with just the usual 1.5 hour runway delay...sigh.


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