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Many people have asked me if anyone ever recognizes themselves as a "Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week". It's happened once.

Although yesterday something somewhat similar happened. I logged on to Ravelry (like you do) and noticed that I had two new messages. Am I the only one whose heart does a little skip when you see that you have messages? Probably not.

The messages were from Mary. [Click through to her Ravelry page, if you can, and read her profile. It's really funny.] One to add me as friend, and another to say "Hey! Remember me? You took my photo in Zaftigs in August 2006."

So I did. Actually, I remember the evening well. To say that August 2006 was an unsettled time in the life of Subway Knitter would be an understatement. To offer some support, some fabulous friends met me for dinner at Zaftigs. It was a fun evening, and really took my mind off of a few things.

And, like it or not, Mary was a part of that evening. And, now, she's a part of my Ravelry network. Awww!


No you are not. I love seeing new messages in Ravelry!

That's neat that she connected with you. How fun!

I remember that night! What fun that she found you on Ravelry!

Life is in a much better place now, even if you aren't in Boston with the Knitsmiths!

You certainly aren't the only one. I LOVE getting messages on Ravelry - as well as non-spam email in my mailbox. You should see me when someone comments in my blog - it goes well beyond a heart skip.

My heart always skips a beat at a new ravelry message- somebody loves me! And a knitter! I gotta go check now...

Hi Colleen! I was glad to find you. Sorry you aren't in Boston anymore, especially now that I have become such an expert KIP'er.
That was fun that night. You acknowledged just how cool and right it is to just go ahead and knit wherever, whatever. I went on a ride to the beach last weekend on the scooter. The last thing my husband said was "why, yes, I filled up your gas tank". As I was waiting, and waiting for him to go all the way home, get gas and come all the way back, I was kicking myself for not having any emergency knitting with me. I could deal with running out of gas, but no knitting? It was excruciating and will never happen again. I may not check the gauge on the scooter, but I will be sure to have my knitting! It would have made a good picture for you. Me, in helmet, sitting on the wall at Gun Rock Beach knitting. Mary xo

My Mom rides the subway and I am just waiting for the day when a picture of her knitting appears on your blog.

I LOVE getting messages on Ravelry. I am sad when I log on and it shows I have no messages. *sniffle*

Totally remember that night and that time. Reminds me of how much we miss you here!

I miss her, and I only just met her that night!

Hi, the first pattern you posted reminded me of some art and fabric I saw in the latest issue of Zoetrope magazine. - by Mike Mills.

Love how people connect randomly like that.


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