It is Here!

My yarn has arrived. My next project may now begin.

"What is it?" you ask.

GoldenBoy0409.JPG (photo is totally snagged from Thea, but I saved it to my own server)

Thea announced the existence of Golden on her blog, just about a month ago. I beat a cyber path to her bloggy door begging (pleading!) to let me be her test knitter. She graciously consented, and even gave me some time to play around with baby booties.

But the yarny call of Golden was too much to ignore. When Thea mentioned last week that WEBS has placed this yarn on sale, I knew that the time was right. I wanted a navy blue. Apparently, Classic Elite doesn't dye the stuff in that colorway. I think that I got as close as I could:


It's "Marine" and it's got a touch more green in it than a navy would have. We'll ignore the fact that I bought a very similar colorway in wool last month at Brooklyn General. I know what I like.

Because this is a test knit, I need to swatch and wash, first.


That is an extremely cute design.

Nice sweater! Looking forward to seeing yours take shape. Oh, and I love the giant log cabin Thea has in the background of that photo. Gorgeous!

Based on the acrimony between the two teams that is one brave driver! Did you hear about the hawk attacking a 10 year old girl last week? Her name, no joke, was Alexa Rodriguez. It was all over the Boston news.

I love that sweater and I am waiting for the pattern to be issued!

How exciting! That is a super cute cardi :)

I love it! Such a cute sweater!

Oh my goodness! You will rock this cardi, Colleen. It's so cute and perfect for you.

Cute cardi! You're gonna have fun test-knitting that.


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