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Like much of Blogland, I heard last week about the end of MagKnits. And, like much of Blogland, I heard about it via Ravelry. I don't mean to ascribe too much significance to this event, but I think that Ravelry's roll as a hub for exchange about this event, along with other recent happenings (MCY thread-crack anyone?) has cemented its place as the CNN of the knitting community.

I won't give yet another blow-by-blow, here's-what-happened account. The Lumpy Sweater wrote an excellent post that (to my reading) is an objective synopsis of last week's events, if you haven't already heard.

I'm sure that Kerrie felt justified in her actions, much like those who heaped complaints on her felt justified to be complaining. It is honest to write that, as a designer who had a pattern on MagKnits, I'm extremely disappointed at how this was handled. While I don't think that Kerrie had a life-long obligation to pay for server space to keep my pattern "alive" she needed to reach out to us designers with a warning about what she was about to do. As far as I know, there was no attempt made to contact anyone but the most recent contributors. Having written that, I never had the sense that MagKnits had the attention from Kerrie that it deserved, or that Kerrie was comfortable with the amount of time that she could devote to MagKnits. So ultimately this is for the best, although it seems like a bad way to go out.

Just as Kerrie has decided to move on, so have I. I'm happy to have the opportunity to repost the pattern right here, on my blog. I can finally include the cable charts that were omitted from the original posting (and despite a few polite emails to MagKnits very early on, the charts were never included on the MagKnits site). This always bothered me, and now there's something that I can do about it!

And, while I will morn the loss of MagKnits, it has engendered (via Ravelry, or course) some discussion of other online Knitting magazines that are out there. How exciting! I didn't know about any of them (besides Knitty).


The interesting part about the Magknits 'explosion' if it can be called that, is that I think it leaves room wide open for some of the new magazines that are being published. I think that, although it may be a sad thing, the Inside Loop, MetaPostModern, Knotions and other places will probably see a lot more traffic.

yea! Glad you got to repost your design Just Like You Wanted!!

and holy crap - MYC... it's like so bizzare and I totally can't stop reading!?

I'm totally out of the MagKnits loop, but I'm very happy to get access to the reposted pattern. I would have missed it otherwise and a girl can't get enough hat patterns!

I'm glad you were able to get your pattern back together so quickly and have it re-posted. Thanks! :)

I think you make a very valid point. I don't begrudge MagKnits for shutting down, but I'm rather surprised that they didn't give the designers any warning or opportunity to get copies of their patterns, etc.

Thanks for taking the time to re-post your pattern. It is appreciated! :)

Wait - what's MCY? I must know!

Congrats on getting your pattern up and running!
Yeah, the whole MagKnits debacle is very weird... It seems to me that Kerrie got very emotional and could not force herself to be professional. :(

I was totally sucked in for about 48 hours to the Magknits drama on the 'Needlework on the Net' forum. All I can say is WOW, what a bizarre turn of events. To me it seems like a "I'm taking my ball and going home" scenario, but as an aggrieved party I am glad that you are moving beyond it, although you are well within your rights to be ├╝ber-annoyed;)

I just happened to be pretty lucky to have read Kerrie's blog within a day or so of the kerfuffle.

While I liked Magknits, I think the decision to go monthly just wasn't a good one based on the amount of time she had to put into it. I am not sure about other knitters, but I always had this feeling that there should be more than five or six patterns even though I knew it was a ton when considered over the course of the year.

all i know about magknits' demise is what i've read on a couple of blogs. and i agree that the designers featured should have been given a head's up about her plans to pull the plug.

however, the only thing i don't like about ravelry is the forums and whereas you've called it the CNN of the knitting community, i think there's a lot of playground bullying as well.

so i can't specifically comment about kerrie and whether or not the ravelry complaints were valid or not, i can imagine that it wasn't always pretty.

anyway, on more important things. i need to check out your pattern.

I'm new to commenting and to Ravelry.
I didn't see the demise of Magknits there but then I'm just learning my way around.
I haven't figured much of anything on the site.
Happy Spring!


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