Where Have I Been?

It's a good question. I long ago promised myself that I would not be one of those bloggers who apologizes for not posting in eons.

But, I've been out of town--traveling upstate for work. It was time for my semi-annual swing through the wilds of upstate New York. Alert readers might remember that I did the same thing last July. Once again it was just me, a rental car, and NPR for three days.

I had grand plans to (ready?) blog, finish my taxes (just one more state return to go), study, work, knit, AND relax a bit in the evenings.

Insert hearty laugh here.

I got next to nothing done. You drive for four hours a day and have several meetings with delightful people (seriously), and then see what you feel like doing afterwards.

There is, however, a sock update (remember the socks?).

I knit, and knit on the cuff. Knit and knit. Knit and knit. Knit, knit, knit. Get the picture?

Suddenly I realized that I must be done with the foot. Indeed, I must have been done with the foot for a long time. Yup, comparing and contrasting the long-finished sock with the sock in progress I had gone about an inch beyond where I should be.


Okay, admittedly it's hard to see in the photograph, but please take my word for it.


No time for Linsie Woolsie this time?

UGH taxes please don't remind me.

Maybe the knitting is sometimes is its own justification. Then you rip.

Don at Puttin ont he Knitz told me that he knew a lady who finished the back of her sweater on a plane trip, and then didn't have anything else to knit. So she ripped out the back and started over again.

Welcome back. Enjoy your couch, bed and bathroom.

Happy knitting

I made a quick trip upstate last weekend, and couldn't believe how much snow was still on the ground (and the sky, as it were). You wouldn't think that I grew up upstate! Of course there would be snow in March...


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