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[ETA: Marie left a comment that the Waffle House Socks pattern is available on her website. Click here! It's a free pattern. Why don't you make it perfect by purchasing a hank of Marie's Soft Spun Plus yarn?]

Yesterday, I completely forgot to post the details of Marie's Socks:

Pattern: Waffle House Socks

Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun's, handdyed, superwash sock yarn. colorway: Daring.

Needles: US2s, circular.

What did I change? Nothing. This was a test knit. I knit the pattern as it was written.

What did I love? I used the magic loop method for a toe-up design. Both were firsts for me, and together they might have changed the way that I knit socks.

What would I do differently next time: Somewhere, deep in the recesses of my knitting brain, is the way to do a more flexible bind off for ribbing. This is what I would do differently. On the second sock I tried casting off with a US3 (instead of the US2 that I used to knit the sock). It worked pretty well.


I do love those socks. They look comfy. Here is a link for a nice stretchy bind-off you might like: http://kisforknitter.blogspot.com/2007/09/give.html

love the socks! I haven't knit any in years, you might just inspire me to do them again!

Nice! I always use the sewn bind off for ribbing on socks or else they usually won't fit over my heel!

If you had worked k1p1 rib, I would've recommended a tubular bind off.

I second Rosie. The sewn bind off is stretchy and easy to do. Now, to get you on the after-thought heel bandwagon.


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