Mystery Sock Darner of the Week!

That's no mystery, that's Sven.


Why he darns machine-made socks though, is a mystery to me. But, hey, whatever. It's not like he's asking me to do it. The sight of him bending over a thread, needle, and a pair of machine-made socks caused me to think. I make socks and I never darn their holes. My opinion is, why fix the holes when you can use it as an excuse to buy more yarn?

So, in the interest of sharing, I ask all of you, dear readers: do you darn your holes? [Here's where I should get all clever and got to some online place where I can create my own poll. Nope. Let's go low tech. If you care to answer, please do so in the comments.]


I haven't had to darn holes in handknit socks (yet?), but in machine made socks I tend to not. I'll wear them to pieces, but I don't darn.

I don't , why darn when I can just knit another pair of socks.

My crazy mother in law who doesn't throw away anything darns store bought socks.

I darn when I love the sock. Handknit or commercial.

I only darn socks if I knitted them. Just like I do mittens and gloves, if I made them. Everything else goes to the dust rag bucket.

I throw away the cotton socks (store boughts) when they have holes. My hand knit wool socks? I just felt the holes. I mean, why darn them if they're going to get another hole? It's toe ventilation.

I tried to learn to darn machine made socks. It's a lot harder than darning hand knitted socks! I agree with you, Colleen -- a worn sock is a good reason for more yarn and a new project.

I darn hand-knitted socks. I used to darn store-bought until I learned to knit socks. Now I eagerly toss the store-bought ones.

I darned socks as a child. I even did this after I got married. It is cheaper to buy a whole package or buy new thread, for the special socks. Still, it is sad to throw away a good half of a sock.

I definitely darn my handknit socks - too much time invested in them to throw them away at the first holes.

I will sometimes darn bought socks, if I particularly love them.

I did a poor job of darning some hand-knit socks. I HAD to! I love them, and because they have an eyelet pattern up the back of the leg, they are delicate in that spot. They rubbed, they ripped, I darned. I don't bother with machine-made--one look in my sock drawer proves that!

I haven't worn holes in my handknits yet, but suspect I may try to darn, or else unravel and put the usable yarn back in stash. I do have some Koigu that I'm worried about knitting up in case it holes - knitterly anxiety!

Well, I always mean to darn my hand knit socks, but then life gets in the way...

If God wanted you to darn, he wouldn't have made you need cleaning rags! Hole ridden socks are great dusting cloths when sprayed with Endust! I put it over my hand, makes dusting faster and easier!

Store boughten socks get tossed when they get holes. No WAY would I darn store boughten socks. Even that cashmere pair is going to meet the trash bin, not the darning egg.
My hand knit socks are a different mater entirely. I love them. I can't give them up. There's a pair that's ten years old .... I think next time they sprout holes I'll finally admit defeat. At this point, they pretty much need new feet. (They're my first ever pair of socks).
Every now and then, a sock will sprout a hole... a full fledge stick your thumb through it hole ... overnight. No warning. No chance to darn. For these, I needle felt a new bit to fill the hole. (Toss koigu socks? are you mad?).

I wouldn't even think to darn store bought socks. But I am about to embark upon darning my first pair of handknits socks. Soon. When I figure out what the heck I'm doing.

I darn hand knitted things.. mittens, gloves, socks. I wouldn't bother with darning anything else unless they were the last of them on earth.... in which case I might try to fix a storebought pair of socks.

no, i wouldn't darn a store bought sock. i buy those 10 to a pack anyway.

as for a hand knit sock, it would depend on how much i loved them. my fuzzy feet just sprung a hole and i'm leaving them holey.

I haven't had to yet, but I do plan on darning the holes when the time comes. I love my socks, I want to wear them for as possible. I will still say I need more sock yarn, since the end of that pair is closer ;).

My grandmother used to re-heel and re-toe handmade (for my grandfather, his and her brothers, and her sons) ... I used to relax watching her do it .. my aunt .. her daughter .. used to do it, too when she was old enough .. those were my very young knitting lessons ..

Well so far I haven't gotten any holes in the handknits, but I haven't been making socks all that long yet (wait, I have a pair that's three years old...). I think on the ones that I loved I would darn. And I liked Serenknitity's idea about taking back the yarn, if it's some yummy yarn that is! :)

I have tried to darn my handknits but they look AWFUL and feel the same. The holey ones are languishing in the WIP box, waiting for attention.

Can you convince Sven to write a tutorial? or to point us in the direction of a decent one? How do you darn your socks? Share your genius!

Since I only wear handknit socks now I absolutely take the time to darn them when they get holey. I love buying new yarn as much as the next knitter, but just because my sock gets a hole in it does not make it useless! Since I made the socks myself I'm more than happy to take the time to fix them. For me, that's the whole point : I made it and I mend it.

Nope I just make a new pair

I haven't used any of my handknit socks enough for them to require darning. Though my hubby has a pair of socks that I should either darn and get it over with or toss. Those holes were caused by him letting the cat stick her claws into his be-socked foot.

It never would have occurred to me to darn machined socks, until I found six pair that are the the comfiest things ever (and will have to last until I learn to knit my own... which had better be soon). I've managed to almost destroy the toes on each pair, and I'm going to *have* to darn them if I want to keep them, which I do.

No way! I'd much rather knit new ones.

I darn the hand-knits but not the store-bought.

"Father MacKenzie, Darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there...."

Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles.

I always darn my handknit socks - after all the effort I put into them, I want to keep them.

I would love to darn- if I knew how!!! Where does a sock-knitter LEARN such a valuable and ancient skill?

I've yet to wear holes into my handknit socks. But personally, I doubt if I would bother to darn them. I have plenty of sock yarn and I'd just knit a new pair.

I only darn socks if I knit them and its usually because my Kitchener stitich didn't hold (still trying to understand that stitch).

I have store-bought socks I love I darn because I love the sheep or the monkeys on them.
I've only darned a pair of socks I made for a friend because she wears them around the house and there are old rough boards that cause holes. They're cashmerino, so it's worth it.
But gotta love a man who darns his own socks!

I'm with you. I don't darn. Another excuse to buy more sock yarn!

No. For myself, I'd rather make a new pair of socks. I make my mom do it for the hubby-socks that he won't give up.


I fix everything. To me the extended life of items adds great value to them.
My own handknitted socks tend to get holes in them in places that I can reknit, so I do that rather than darn them.
Also, I love to rip out things I may have knit 20 years ago and make something new out of them. Sometimes I add new yarn if needed, sometimes I double the old yarn to make a super thick scarf.
Hats are good reclaimed articles to knit.
Oddly, I am not into recycling trash of any kind.
If I could find a use for it, fine.
If not, out!

I definitely darn handknit socks, but store bought... I just wear them with holes in them! It's not like they are going to unravel!


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