Mail Call!!

Yesterday, Dava blogged about some stuff that she got in the mail (cool magnets, BTW).

I think that it's high time that I blogged about some marvy fabric that I got from her:


Oooh, yeah! It's funky retro. Thanks, Dava! Even better: it's polyester (we think). Can't get more 70s authentico than that, can ya?

Nope! Anyway, Dava sent the fabric to me and thought that it might be nice for a bag. It could work for that, but I think that I want something with a little more ooomph. This fabric is nice and light--perfect for springtime. At first I thought that it would make a nice skirt for mememe. But then I reconsidered that idea. The fabric is a little, um, loud. While I'm very pro-loud, I think that this print might get a better reaction on someone else. Someone like the Kate-ster.

It's time to make good on my pledge to do a little sewing for Kate. But first, some pattern shopping. Does anyone have other ideas besides the Big Four (McCalls, Vogue, Butterick, and Simplicity)?


you might want to check out the Burda website. they have patterns you can print out for free.

that fabric screams Summer in the 70s to me -- it's a cover up on my Mom in some old photo, with the white plastic Jackie O glasses, and an 3 way album covered in tinfoil. Maybe some Abba on the loudspeakers, or even better... tony orlando and Dawn! .

so cool.

I got the Sew What Skirts book a couple of weeks ago and I've been having lots of success with it (photos on my blog).

Have you ever checked out Folkwear? The've got traditional and ethnic and period patterns. Something like that with a material like that could be outragous fun and well, different that's for sure...

That looks like a jumper to me. One of those 60's reversible ones with the buttons at the shoulders., and rick rack at the bottom. When my daughter was little they were perfect because if she got something on it you just turn it inside out and WAH LA clean again! Don't have the pattern any more or I'd send it to you! I don't remember the manufacturer.

looks like some cute patterns her and although they're from finland, the patterns are in english...i'm heading to LA in a few weeks if you want any of them...of course, you can always order online...

"Oh, it's so nice to beeeee with you
I love all the things you saaaaay and dooo
And it's so nice to hear you saaay
You're gonna please me in every waaaay..."
Sorry, that fabric just does things to me.

Check out They design childens patterns and they also show alot of ideas on their website for changing things around.........using that sleeve with this bodice, etc. Also, for inspiration there are two really good mags......."Sew Beautiful" and "Creative Needle". You should be able to find them at Barnes and Noble.

I think what ever you make for Miz Kate in that fabric, you'll need to find some white go-go boots to go along with it!

Window shop! See something you want for Kate. Develop it for Her. Also, You love bags and if you want to take the fabric and have a special bag made check out this website. It is Army wives who's husbands are over in Iraq or Afghanistan. They do beautiful custom work..
I hope you like their patterns.

There's a great website that has many boutique girly patterns for sale. I haven't purchased any since I have a son but they are very very adorable! There are sundresses, twirly skirts, and even some with bloomers! You should check it out!

I love this pic! i wish it were mine too- I am also a subway knitter- do you ever wonder if you see the other bloggers / subway knitters? when i'm knitting and see someone else clicking away i wonder "do they bolg? do i read thier bolg? do they read mine?"
i hope one day we'll share a knowing smile over furiously clicking needles...
have a great day!

Burda have some nice patterns to buy - decent prices too. Although I still have to test out the patterns I bought from them, have the fabric, have the patterns, have the machine, just need the desire...

I like Burda and New Look. I also have been playing around with the idea of sewing patterns from knitwear patterns with schematics (and vice versa--knitting from sewing patterns). I feel like you should be able to blow up a schematic to the right size, add a seam allowance, cut and sew. Especially for kids clothes since kids have less umm, unforgiving curves. If you were using woven fabric though you might have to go up a size from what you want since it won't stretch.


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