La Dee Dah Dum Daaah!

I wish that I could be a little la-dee-dah lately, but homework has been kicking my bee-hind. Ugh. Two more questions to answer out of six and then I'm done! Whee!

Until that time, I must entertain you with the knitting of others.


Some people will knit anywhere! [Not that we would know anything about that, right?] Here's a knitter (with her back turned to me) knitting furiously in the post office on the ground floor of my office building. I have no idea what's on her needles, but it was important enough to keep her busy while she waited (and waited, and waited--this is the USPS after all) for her turn at the window.


Well, that wasn't me, but I knit in line at the P.O. all the time. As you said, it's the perfect time-filler with all the waiting.

Heh. I'd go stark raving mad if I didn't have knitting for waiting at the post office. Our "office" is the transfer station for the Eastern seaboard... it's huge, and the lines go on forever!

I've totally knit while waiting in line at the post office. However, I am not your mysterious knitter.

i also knit when I wait on lines... makes the time go so much faster!

Do you ever ask people what they are knitting?

sounds like a perfect use of time in a line to me!


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