I Went Fabric Shopping!

On Friday, while most of the Spiders knitted, I perused the bolts of fabric at Brooklyn General.

And the yarn.


Yeah, ummmm, urmmmm, it was on sale. And I already have a pattern lined up for it. Alert readers might remember that I've knit this sweater before. They would be right (and very good at remembering things). I loved knitting it so much that I'm going to do it again! But this time I'll knit the thing in the round. I've been wanting to do an adult raglan-sleeve sweater in the round for some time.

Okay, now that you've read my justification, let's get back to the fabric. I just didn't find anything I really, really liked at BG--or at least nothing that I liked for shirts. There were many great skirt fabrics, and I anticipate that I'll go back there some time in the spring to stock up.

For the most part the repeats were too big for shirt-use (in my opinion). I was worried that, with my middling sewing skills, I wouldn't know how to properly adjust the pattern's cutting layout to work with those big repeats. And I knew that if I didn't match things perfectly, I would be disappointed.

You might be thinking "If the repeat were large, but random enough, it wouldn't matter." And you would be right. Thing is, I didn't find anything I loved. So, the search continues.

In preparation for this post, I searched a little bit over at ReproDepot. I'm a big fan of this store, but being that I'm in NYC (and have the entire Garment District at my disposal) it seems silly to buy online this time. But it's a great source for ideas. If it comes down to rushing over to Purl Patchwork one night before it closes, or making a leisurely purchase from the living room sofa, I might just take the sofa.

Anyway, so what do I like?

So far, I'm mightily taken by natural forms (all photos were saved to my own server before posting):


Leaves, especially.


And teeny flowers:


And twigs (but $16.95 a yard--oh my.)

Finally, there's the stuff that I ain't got no business buying. Merimekko. I dearly love these prints, but they just won't work for what I need. For that matter, for what are they suited? Upholstery?

reprodepotMERIMEKKO_1989_21148921.jpg reprodepotB&WMERI_1989_20997801.gif reprodepotTURBULENT_1991_124995328.gif

And then there are the silly things:


Cute, but I might save that for a skirt.


Reprodepot is an awesome store, I think if you can't find anything in NYC, you should absolutely order something online. But you should check out The City Quilter first, their store (and stock) is huge! Lots of known names (Amy Butler anyone?) and other random stuff (Elvis print!). The only problem I have with the garment district is that the stores all close at 5 and are closed on saturdays...

Love the prints!

I love the prints. I think the Merimekko prints would look great as bags. For knitting, messenger bags or weekend bags.

Now I'm going to be tortured by visions of a blue dress with just a swath of those fabulous lilypads up the middle. Or maybe turned sideways to form the hem of the skirt. I need to take more sewing classes, darn it.

The prints could be used for bags, but I've seen a number of panel skirts where there are lots of different colors. I could easily see a panel up the sides and embroidered over.

Many of those patterns are sold to quilters. Something like 60% of the cotton fabric sold in fabric stores in America is sold to quilters.


I hear the fabrics in the US, and NYC especially, are way way way better than here in Canada. I feel a roadtrip coming on.... ;P


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