Subway Crocheter Par Excellence!

This is not my photo, but, wow, I wish that it were. All of us "normal" subway knitters and crocheters are now, officially, totally boring. This guy rules, and we (frankly) drool.


via this thread on Ravelry, via Charchaa, via In-Public

Incidentally, I just discovered that there's a Subway Knitters Ravelry group! Guess who's a member now.

And, are you wearing your favorite sweater today?


I saw this pic yesterday on Ravelry I thought it was AWESOME! Maybe I could make one for my boyfriend and he could pimp out the crochet on the subway!

Whoa. Just whoa.

And I love how noone else seems to be noticing him.

Look how prolific he is!! WOW!

i've seen this guy in times square! that's not his only crocheted outfit :)

Is it wrong that I'm jealous of Gleek?

That guy is wearing an entirely crocheted outfit. That scene is SO NYC Subway... no one is fazed one bit.

Wow, I just hope he's not going commando under that outfit. For MANY reasons.

WOW. Wouldn't you like to know this person? It is not every man (or woman) who would put themselves out there like that. Definitely awesome!

I love how everyone's trying to act really nonchalant....who knows, on the NYC subway, maybe they are, y'all see so much.

That's is just the best picture. He stands out like a big daffodil!

That is terrific. I wonder if all of his crochet outfits are so wild!

Wowee! I'm off to join the Subway Knitters Ravelry group now.

OMG that's awesome. Totally made my day.

OMG! He does rule!

ok, i'm having childhood flashbacks. i had an outfit like that when i was 8. crocheted by my mother.

wow, wow, wow. he has so put us all to shame!

I LOVE IT! That is such a great picture. I would love to know what he is knitting and how long it took him to make that outfit.

Wow! That guy likes to crochet!! Makes me (almost) wish that I paid more attention on the subway.

that is a lot. he is a dedicated hooker, that man.


A. if he makes his own underwear
B. what he's wearing today
C. If the blankie is for his own child
D. how many crocheted pairs of pants he's gifted to his friends and family

And also so amused that no one else is looking at him. .


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