A Pair, We Have a Pair

Marie's socks are finished!

FinishedPair0327.jpg LoungingFeet0326.jpg

I love them. They make me want to sit on the couch all day and stare at my feet. Okay, I would probably still want to do that without the socks.


Here's a closeup of the stitch pattern. It makes the socks feel squishy, and even softer.


Here's one more (not-so-great) photograph from above.

This project earns me the title of "Slowest Test Knitter Ev-ah". Hear that Thea? She's enlisted me as a test knitter for her Golden Cardi (so eager was I to get my hands on this knit that I begged and pleaded until Thea relented and let me be a test knitter for her design).

I think that I'm ready for a sweater project. I am reunited with my blocking board, and (unlike Queens) I have space in which to do the blocking. We'll see how long it takes me to get to the actual blocking....


I see why you like that pair of socks! Me, too!

Ooh, Marie's pattern looks great!
I've been searching for the perfect Spring sweater pattern... I think my Winter UFOs might have to take a time out :)

Woot! Electric blue socks. What a thrill!

Blinded!! woosh those socks are bright! glad to hear you finished them Weren't you working on the cuf at the baby warming? *wink, wink*

Maybe a sweater project will get the mojo flowing. Sometimes when you are psyched for a project it flied by. but then it usually slows down by the time the sleeves show up. sigh.

Hot feet baby! Sit on that couch and gaze at those tootsies listening to some emo, like the kids do. Very cute.

No begging, no pleading - I'm so happy to have you knit it for me! Anyways, bigger needles and bigger yarn - we still have a while before the warm weather hits, right?

The socks are cool - I l love the texture...

I always think that when the 2nd sock is finished, trumpets should blow.

Woo Hoo they look great! Thank you so much for test knitting for me. That colorway is called Daring, and I have the pattern up on brooklynhandspun.com under patterns.


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