Well, La Dee Dah!

Do you ever read Apartment Therapy? I do, almost every day.

Apparently, last week, there was a giveaway of some kind. The winner received a consult with a personal organizer. Sounds pretty cool.

Did you read what the winner plans to do with the session?

I am an avid knitter and crocheter and have just moved into a new house. I need help organizing my new crafting space! I want to be able to find my patterns and yarn.

Don't we all! I'm only disappointed that I didn't win (and since I didn't enter the contest...)

Now, I think that there's a real business opportunity for someone to be a personal organizer specializing in the fiber arts. Moth-free storage solutions! Needle cases you will love! Niddy-noddy storage boxes!

Maybe this'll be my retirement career.


Way back in the '70's, there used to be a magazine called Apartment Living. It was later changed to Metropolitan Home (meaning expensive furnishings and better ad revenues). Apartment Therapy reminds me of the long lost magazine I loved to look at as a kid (I was a weird kid). Thanks for sharing!
P.S. If you ever want to "retire" I'd hire you. I'd have to pay you in stash, of course...

Brilliant! By the way, I must be old because I remember Apartment Living.

You know, that really is a brilliant idea! Was out with my knitting group last night and one of them was commenting about that needing to be done at her new house of a year. The person helping her organize was not a knitter so she wasn't about to let her near her boxes of yarn and knitted related items.

Someone could make a fortune doing this.

OK I'm old too. Apartment Living was one of my favorites. I love the Apartment Therapy Smallest Apartment's contests. Some of those spaces are simply amazing.

I love that site too. Hmm. I need a new career. Too bad I can barely organize Cheerios onto my spoon in the morning!

And if the organizer can make it so those long left WIPs become FOs, then that would be perfect...

What's on the needles these days. Any future project coming up. Need inspiration.

I just need someone to organize my needles. Serisouly. Out. Of. Control.

I can join in with craptina. All of my circulars not in use (and the dpns and some crochet hooks, etc.) are in a small oval box. Trying to find a needle is an adventure where you are not sure you'll come out alive. My hubby keeps telling me that I need a new way of storing them and I give the look that says, "Suggestions." So far, he has been mum on that part.


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