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I'm a little behind the eight ball when it comes to certain things. Like finding stuff on the internet. An alert reader kindly sent me a link to an old thread on Ravelry. The thread link is here, and if you have a Ravelry username you can read the thread in its entirety. If you don't have a Ravelry account, then I'll post some excerpts for you. I am not a member of the group where the discussion originated, and I have no opinions on its members or other discussions which have occurred within the group. To the credit of many participants in this particular thread, it was pointed out very early that the original poster was putting waaaaaaay too much significance on a pair of wool mittens. My comments are given in straight brackets [ ].

Having said that, without further ado:

Knitting In Preparation For The Mark of The Beast

Arielluria: I thought the subject line would get your attention ;o).......

I just saw this on the preview of IK Winter issue and it reminded me, I heard on a knitting podcast that people who take subways have been getting their hands embedded with an RFID chip so they don't have to show a pass!!! On IK Winter there was a pattern for these mittens:

[Insert photograph of my CharlieCard Mittens here.]

Honestly! It's sad but it's prophecy coming true. However, many will take the mark of the beast because they didn't know God's Word!

[I snipped out three quotations from Revelations.]

dlofink: We are so very close. Jesus is coming soon. I think we will see it in our lifetimes.

Arielluria: I do agree. At no time have so many previously thought impossible things existed. Oh sure, there were evil men people thought were the Anti-Christ, etc. but being able to see the 2 witnesses around the globe in real time, micro-chipping, etc. [What the heck does this mean?]

[I cut out a post here that I felt had nothing to do with the mittens, and broached a much larger subject that I don't want discussed here.]

Kate64: I don't know. I think connecting that knitting pattern to the mark of the beast is a bit of a stretch, personally. I wouldn't get an embedded chip in my hand, just because of the "ick" factor...

I think the interesting part is the fact the technology now exists to "mark" someone in the hand or the forehead and not allow them to buy or sell without the mark. And the new pattern accomodates [sic] that technology very well. [Does it?]

Arielluria: Exactly.........the pattern IS for a chip as it is described in Revelation. [No it's not!] I don't mean the pattern is evil or anything like that [Now that's a relief] :o) just that it's sad there are actually people falling for it already........and those who take it, will have to die for their faith to be in Heaven. But if they do, they will have a special blessing, thrones around the throne of God. [Again, I gotta ask what this is all about.]

When I saw the gloves I thought those flaps were for pockets to put subway tokens, not open to the hand? Guess I'll have to wait and see when the magazine comes out.

[I removed a post here about security in schools.]

I agree. If you look closely, it looks like a rectangular pocket for a subway card. My problem would be that I would probably lose that mitten. I hardly ride the metro anyways.

Arielluria: Yes, I just found out it was for a pocket. I guess those are the mittens which I heard about on a podcast, which WERE specifically for the implants.

MaidMirawyn: If you were chipped, you wouldn't need any special mitten...for instance, there's an RFID chip in Atlanta's public transportation card; most guys just tap their wallet at the gate, without taking the card out. A regular glove or mitten would be no impediment to the RFID reader.

[I love how there's already a verb for this. "Watch the arm! I got chipped last week."]

dlofink: My husband said the same thing. Irregardless, the chip is technology that could easily underlie bible prophecy. We are so close. [To what?] It will be interesting to find out the purpose of the hole in that mitten. [What hole?]

If you look very carefully at the photo, it is actually a pocket on the front of the mitten not a hole in the mitten. I think Mowygirl noticed this first. I can think of a lot of handy uses for mittens with a pocket. [Yup. It's a mitten with a pocket.]

It would be great if a key or something could fit into it so when the kids and I go for our walks this winter I don't have to take my whole key chain :)

dlofink: Oh you are right. I can see the pocket now.

[I clipped a few posts about preparations one should make for The Rapture.]

[Finally a voice of reason!]
yankeegirlsue: You're reading too much into the mitten. :-) It was designed with a pocket in it to hold a public transportation card so the user doesn't need to take off her/his mitten to take the card out of a purse or pocket to wave it near the reader. The mitten simply allows the user to wave his/her hand in front of the reader. I think it's a good idea. I'm going to make these for my sister who takes the train into Boston every day for work.

Please be careful about what you hear...sources are not always reliable.

txjewelrylady: I agree on your thought process, but those mittens are to hold the Metro Pass card in the pocket so it can get scanned, not an embedded chip in the skin. There have been several mentions of embedding chips in various body parts over the years... I cringe at the thought of it. So, I think these mittens are relatively safe, tho it may get more people used to the skin scanning idea. [Okay, I give up. The CharlieCard mittens are all a big Government Conspiracy. Who have ever thought that there could be a conspiracy therory surrounding a pair of mittens?]

Arielluria: I totally agree....I posted later that it was for card, and not, as I had heard on a podcast (about some other pattern) to access a chip in the skin. [Why would the chip work when it was imbedded under your skin, but somehow cease to function when it was covered by a mitten? And what is this blasted pattern that she keeps talking about?]

I believe in prophecy (past prophecy has always come true and we are living in a day where it is being unveiled to us) I don't have to read into anything. I know a day is coming very soon where people will have chips implanted and eventually without them those who do not worship the Anti-Christ will not be able to buy or sell: [What?!?!?]

[I cut out a passage from Revelations.]

The word "mark" is in Greek "charagma" which means a scratch or etching or engraving, as in a stamp (as a badge of servitude).

[I took out a post about a passage from John and another post that was a response directed solely at that passage.]

Arielluria: I completely agree, but He did give us signs, so though His arrival will be “like a thief in the night”, He gave us many unambiguous signs, all of which we are seeing now ;o)

God bless! See you UP there!

Genuine: Um…what about Christians who don’t believe in pre-Trib rapture, and also don’t think that a woodenly literal intrepretation [sic] of Revelations does credit to the author, the intent of the book, or the highly allegorical and metaphorical language used therein? Can we still knit demon mittens? Please?

As of yesterday afternoon, the thread ended there.

I thought a little bit about whether or not I wanted to blog about this, but it's too good to pass up. I sought the advice of a few friends, all of whom could not believe that I would hesitate for a moment to write something about this. As one of them said, "if they can declare that your mittens bear the mark of the devil in a public forum, you are well within your rights to blog about it." Another friend took the time to show us what she thought my mittens would look like as the Evil Incarnate (see above).

Okay, so here's my post. This is much better than the time that I pissed off half of the S-n-B Boston Yahoo! list by telling a beginning knitter that she should be able to figure out the pocket without a pattern. Sorry, I guess that I gave her too much credit!

Perhaps by blogging here I'll remind myself that there are, indeed, those who balance their religious beliefs with a good dose of reason and common sense.

The idea of attaching religious significance to my mittens is absurd. Completely, totally, and utterly absurd. And wrong. I won't even bother to get offended that someone implied that I'm propagating evil in this world by designing a mitten with a pocket. That's even more jaw-droppingly absurd. A mitten with a pocket. A. Mitten. With. A. Pocket. People, how many times do I need to say this? It's a mitten with a pocket. Period. End of story.


Holy. Fucking. Moly.

People........ gah.

Wow... I thought I'd heard it all... what I find even more astonishing is that threads like that are allowed on Ravelry...

I liked those mittens from the time I saw them and I would so knit them if I had a use for them :) Our card for the buses/trains has little stickers on it so that people can see you paid your monthly ticket... We're supposed to get an electronic version, but that's what they've been telling us for the past 3 years, so I'm not going to hold my breath :)

Cheers Eva

Wow. Unbelievable.
Glad you did say something about it.
And here I was, wishing I still lived in Boston to need to use these. I can just imagine the conversation some morning when someone accused me of some bizarre plot just for wearing them... Sigh.

Vow. Some people are really very much trapped in their dream world. Unbelievable.

And, yes, I would assume one could call me a Christian who does have a sense for reality. -- rest assured, those do exist!

The whole thing is sooooo unreal. I can't believe people write things like that and mean it.

Who knew your little mitten was gearing up for World Domination! I am now very impressed with your knitting design skills.

Yes, but it's an Eeeeevil pocket.


For real? Thank you for sharing. I got a good giggle out of this one.

We over at the "Atheist and Agnostic Ravelry Board" have been having the greatest chuckle over this and in honor of your contribution to world domination through winter accessories will be knitting your mittens. Go Beast!!!

Wow. I had to delurk, just to say that. You show great restraint by merely reprinting the discussion.

nut. jobs.

bethany cracks me up :) go beast!

When the apocalypse comes, I'm totally holding your mittens accountable ;)

Boy, oh boy. In the Orthodox Church (of which I'm a member), the Revelations is treated very gingerly, and generally regarded as an allegorical book and not meant to be taken literally. Genuine said it best, I think.

I will now be knitting these mittens asap, so I can have some Mittens of the Beast!

(I love that you addressed this; it's totally ridiculous.)

My cat, Miss Lulu, has been chipped. But, I swear, she's NOT the anti-kitty! Really. She's not.
Yes, a lot of pets are already chipped for identification in the event they are lost, stolen, strayed because of natural disasters, etc. In time, people might be, too. Eh, such is life.
But those EVIL mitten will NEVER be on my hands. NEVER!!!!!!

You know, there's currently a sect of the Russian Orthodox Church that also believes the rapture is coming. But they think it's because the barcodes on their passports (there are internal passports in's a Soviet holdover). Maybe we can get these two groups together and they can all go hide in a frozen cave in Russia. Maybe then they wouldn't mind the demon mittens so much.

I think at least one of those people was joking...but I have been coming across a large number of people who are fundamentalist Christian (no problems with that...until it's implied that I am evil because I am not) in the knitting community.

Eh. Look at it this way. I wasn't planning on knitting the patten before (MTA cards have to be swiped and my school ID which has the chip has to be flashed with the photo), but now I am. I'm sure I can use my demon mittens to put my ID, key, and cash for going out to the bars on a cold friday night.

OMG. This has to be the funniest exchange I've ever seen! I especially love the part about building up your stash before the "tribulation," I'm totally going to use that excuse EVERY TIME I go to the yarn store :)

I love your mittens and think they're GENIUS (as a former Bostonian who know that mittens are required 6 months of the year).

I'm also a Christian who has to sigh with resignation when I see these interpretations of the of the Bible. Oh well, to each her own.

The beastie photo on your post still makes me giggle!

wow. I know everyone has a right to believe what they want, but seriously? if you had worked 666 into the pattern maybe I would be suspicious, but a pocket? nah. :-)

I think you showed incredible restraint in telling the story. I still cannot believe that people think we are going to have chips implanted under our skin. Wow.

Trying to pick my jaw up from where it dropped on the floor.
I haven't knit these mittens yet--but now I totally want to make a pair and embroider them with the Mark of The Beast. Demon mittens, how perfect!


Can you please make an addum to the pattern to include optional horns?
Go Beast!!

There are a lot of weird people around, but never thought they could get that weird.... It is kinda scary. Don't get downhearted... REAL kinitters know how you feel

I found you via the Atheist and Agnostic group on Ravelry. BRAVO to you for responding tactfully yet fully.

Ray at knitivity dot com

This is why religious fundalmentalists scare me. THey see evil everywhere and sometimes they even MAKE IT UP. They are mittens for goodness sake.

That's hilarious. Just hilarious. People really think like that? Wow.
Thanks for a good laugh, I needed it!

I know such folks exist but I never cease to be flummoxed when I run across such reasoning. Seriously? God will whammy you straight to the eternal luau pit because of a mitten? It is hard too choose between laughing and being seriously worried about these folks running around loose. I think I'll choose the laughing. The logic is priceless; mitten with pocket = government microchip conspiracy = being in league with the devil. Now we need a subversive sock pattern! (easier to hide the subversive elements that way, being subversive and all.)

Speechless....every comment I want to write right now would expose me to massive flaming from the Literal Belief crowd that I'm just not going to say anything . But WOW!!!

Sitting here, mouth hanging open.

You know, I always want knitters to be smarter than this but I guess knitting does, indeed, cross all lines.

I feel a long rang coming so I'll just quote bellamoden "Holy Fucking Moly". And now, I'm going to cast on your mitten pattern and wear the mittens everywhere even though I live in south Texas.

Aha. A mitten with a pocket is so much more. What is a hat with a strap? Great post.

I can't believe this. That is crazy on a cracker. I honestly feel very sorry for these people.

I'm glad you posted about this... it's good to see so many sane people react in the same way I did when I read that thread.

Darn it. This means that my hat with a window for a forehead mark is right out. All my best ideas never work.

Didn't you know -- souls in the underworld will need woolen mittens with a pocket. Don't ask me why, but they do. :-P So, perhaps by knitting these mittens, it will make it easier to sort people out when the time comes -- those going "south" and those going "north," shall we say. :-P

I, too, consider myself one of those Christians that has a sense of reality. This thread in Ravelry is highly amusing!

When I saw the mittens in IK and on your blog I just thought they were clever and smart and I consider myself a Christian. In the old Peanuts comic strips Charlie Brown sometimes bangs his head against a telephone pole in his frustration with his friends. That's the way I sometimes feel about my more fundamentalist fellow believers. Obviously some of these folks have never had to use public transportation, ever. Sometimes a mitten is just a mitten. Off to find a telephone pole.

Sometimes a mitten is just a mitten. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you want a bigger laugh come to the AAC group on Rav and read about what we think of those "Mittens of the Beast" as we are now calling them.

Here's a link to the discussion.

And thanks for the great pattern and all the associated giggles.

Maybe there is a pattern out on the internet for a mitten that is lined with aluminum foil to match the anti-mind reading foil hats that are often found on the internet.

I am sure you could develop a few designer knit wear to accommodate this...


That's perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever seen . . . because they're all so serious about it! Sheesh... I'd hate to know what they think about the fact that my dog has a microchip.... But, oh, they probably think dogs don't have souls, so it's okay....

Haha haha ha ha hah aha ah ah....

that was freakin hilarious.

But you should know - I don't think all of those posters thought your mittens were demonic. Some simply that they were a sign of the second coming of Christ and the end of the world.

I mean, when John penned Revelation, he had visions of your mittens. Obviously.

Here I was, innocently reading your blog because you were from Boston and knitted, not knowing your true intent was to lead me into hell. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read it. I'm glad you were able to discuss this with friends and get some perspective on it. I belong to Rev but decided I saw enough from your blog without reading more. Keep up the good work! I love your mittens.

what will they say about your "urban necessities"...those are pure evil....
"January 17, 2006 8:30 AM"

OMG I need a nap now. ;-)

Satire. I have to believe it's satire. Right? People don't really think this? Right?

(Shaking my head....)

Who knew the true intent of your "harmless mitten." I'll sleep much better tonight knowing that the christians on ravelry have thwarted your evil plan. Jesus is coming .... and he's looking for charliecard mittens. lol.

Sorry~I cant post now... I have to start knitting myself some Pocketed Mittens!!!!

I vote for a name change to "Satan's Pocket". Kind of sounds like a rock formation at a state park though.

Even though they wouldn't work with my transit pass (you need to either swipe it or show it), I now have a very strong urge to knit these mittens, but only with the embellishments in the photo above...

I love Ravelry, however, since it is an open forum it quickly becomes obvious that there are some VERY strange people out there. I don't ride the T so I hav'nt made these mittens yet. I did make Urban Necessity, the gloves and the tam. I love them and have gotten tons of compliments. Off to find that devil red Cascade 220 in my stash !!

Oh-my-heck. now that I think about it, I remember some specific verse in the book of mittens (Mitt. 2ply, verse dk) about the beast coming wearing woolen attire. Crap, was there anything about felted clogs covering cloven hooves?

Oh my.

At least now we will be able to recognize the Beast by his Charlie Card mittens.

I just wonder if on their deathbeds years from now and The Rapture hasn't happened, these folks will feel dumb?

"Wow I really should've just made those mittens. They were pretty ingenious."

That's it. I am going to cast on for demon mittens as soon as I can and parade around proudly in them. No need for the Charlie Card pocket here, big need for something to piss off the locals.

The best part? The starter of the thread is into dog rescue. I wonder if her pets are chipped?

I just wave my wallet at the reader, which is the only reason I am not making these mittens. Though with a demon face on them, I'd be much more horribly tempted.

It's not like the pocket needs to hold a transit card. It would be handy for runners who want their keys and insurance card, or people who don't want to carry a purse on a quick run to the market. Maybe we need a pocket Bible to carry in the mittens.

People are so odd at times.

People amaze me. I'm a clinical social worker who has seen and heard some pretty bizarre stuff and this one even amazes me. Maybe they should spend a little less time demonizing a pocket on a mitten and more time trying to make the world a better place. After all, isn't that what a "Christian" is supposed to do? Wow!

I admire your restraint in this matter. It's a shame that some people are unable to realize that sometimes a mitten is just a mitten.

Thanks for the laugh today. I can't beleive people would think those mittens are demonic.

I bet you're so glad you posted now :) I, too, bow down at your restraint. Insanity.

Gee, I missed the connection between the charlie card mittens and the some sinister plot. Sometimes a mitten is just a mitten with a pocket for a T pass.

Ha ha ha. Yikes, what some people will get crazy about! Okay, so we all have the right to believe in whatever we want and be wack-a-doo if'n we want, I don't argue that. (Heck, I embrace that.) But do they know that it's entertaining for the rest of us?

Hope it didn't cause you too much pain from slapping your forehead.

Hmmm... I wonder what other great threads I'm missing on Ravelry? (I go for the orgainization of my stash, not so much for the forums.)

I'm going to hell anyways for all my transgressions, so I'll just throw another one in the pot here.

Really if you're going to embed a chip, it needs to be in a less- cut off able part of the body, right? So I'm thinking the chip folks should concentrate on your ASS. Be afraid of the ass chip, not the hand chip.

So ladies, how about a pair of PJs with a flap? And you can just flap down and sit on Special Chairs for a little one on one time with the Man Downstairs (or area 51 or whatever other nutty conspiracy theory you subscribe to.....)

Little did all those people who came to the pattern as a donation to charity know that they were actually inviting the devil onto their hands.

Ooh, I agree, I want to knit the mittens with little devils on them...

(Spiffy redesign, by the way. Especially down here at the bottom.)

Well, as a subway-riding Christian, maybe I can recommend that they carry their metrocard & alms & a tithe check in the pocket so it can become a pocket mitten that enables good deeds?

Wow.......just wow.....

I agree with kitkatknits:

"That's it. I am going to cast on for demon mittens as soon as I can and parade around proudly in them. No need for the Charlie Card pocket here, big need for something to piss off the locals."

It never ceases to amaze me how much time they spend on waiting for the end of days- I'd much rather enjoy my time in the here & now, thank you very much!!

We're all entitled to our beliefs but this just seems a little silly. What do mittins have to do with the bible? Frankly, I find it hard to follow what they're saying its so out there... takes all kinds

Oh. Mah. Gah. That cracks my shit up. You can't make that stuff up, can you? Guess I'm just a heathen Catholic...

Incidentally, I made the Charlie Card Mittens for two family members for Christmas, and I don't think either of them have had their hands possessed by the Devil.

I don't even know how to respond to those ridiculous threads...they are irrational and completely out there.

I'm making some of the mittens now for a friend. She will love to hear the story of the "devil mittens" when the mitts are done.

A nice pattern, Colleen!

But it's a mitten - - with a pocket? It doesn't need to be used to serve the devil. You could carry a Eucharist in it, or a tiny bottle of Holy Water, or some Rosary beads or the blood of the first born.... oh sorry, the evil knitting took over for a second there!

Wow! When I first saw your exerpts, I thought people were just joking! But they really mean it! Amazing!

I had to hop over here after my friend literally called me to let me know about the Rav thread. Some people unleash way too much crazy!

You know, I wasn't going to make them at first (I don't take public trans), but now I think I must have the Mittens of the Beast.

Apparently Arielluria couldn't help herself and she started a similar thread in the Christian Knitters Group that didn't go very far.

Someone needs a reality check- fast!

well, riding the subway can be hellish sometimes...

This is the funniest things I've read all day. I do wish that the name of the podcast was remembered - it would be interesting to find how far this theory has gone!

WOW! I am a conservative Christian and never thought anything of your mittens other than they are a great idea. I guess there are just some people whose lives suck so bad they try to major issues out of everything. Ignore those jealous cows, they are just pissed they didn't come up with your pattern before you did and as a result are talking smack and spreading religous fear. I am sorry they are doing this to you.

Are you kiddin me. LMAO!! I want a pair of the mittens with the devil face on them. they are so freakin cute. It's just yarn people. Although at times I do feel possessed to knit something devilish hehehe!! I love this BLOG!!

Hey, I want devil mittens, and I don't even live in a place where we have much in the way of mass transit.

I have never commented before on a blog, but I just had to. Thanks for being a voice of reason. I had seen your mittens before and thought they were a great idea. It's just amazing where this idea comes from. How long before the "thought police" decide we can't sing or dance? or knit or embroider? or enhance any garments? Thanks for being reasonable.

I can't wait for the Rapture. There'll be so much less traffic then.

i've always said that screaming kids in a restaurant was the best commercial for birth control.

this post may very well be the best commercial for getting out there to vote ;)

I guess I better cancel my mitten-worship coven scheduled for tomorrow, now that you're on to us.

But I insist on witnessing to all barehanded people that the time for pockets in mittens is NOW.

(I slay me sometimes)

Wow...just wow. I go to school in Boston, I made a pair of those mittens for a holiday gift swap. My partner loved them....because they are mittens with a pocket. Wow...just wow. I sometimes wonder how people can actually saw those things and not think that they sound the least bit silly. Perhaps I am jaded because I'm going to school to be a doctor and my class seems to be a group of very very rational people.

Tee-hee...I just posted a reply in the Ravelry thread about Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Also came over here after reading the Atheist & Agnostic thread pointing to the thread about the Mittens of the Beast. I must make them now, but I think I'm going to add your improved design with devil face. No public transport around here, but perhaps I can hold a vial of goat blood or something in the cursed pocket.

I admired this design when I first saw it but given that I live in an area where there is no mass transit, I did not see any immediate need to knit it.

However, now that I know this is the only pattern extant for genuine Mittens of the Beast, I can't go another day without them.

I plan to add tiny horns to the pocket, just because I can.

Go Beast!

Woah. Yeah, that's jumping the gun a bit. As pointed out, these are just mittens with a pocket!

As far as what the heck they're talking about, yeah, Revelation is kinda hard to interpret. The general idea, some believe, is that the antichrist is a really evil person who will take over world government and deliberately try to hurt or kill everyone who doesn't fall in line, till he meets his end. Final judgment and all that. It really does say something about a mark on the hand or forehead that you can't buy or sell without. Being written a couple thousand years ago adds to the interpretation problems, but technology does make that possible now, it's just hard to imagine because we hold our freedoms so dear in the US and most other Western countries. But it would be convenient, don't you think, to just swipe your hand to pay for things? No lost or stolen credit cards, no messy cash... But imagine if you had to swear allegiance to the government to get a credit card (whether a literal card or embedded in your skin). I think people in the South had to take an oath of loyalty to the US government to travel and such after they lost the Civil War, you know? It CAN happen. And imagine if places stopped taking cash, only took debit/credit, which is then controlled by a government that doesn't like you - if all your money and ID is electronic, all it takes is someone hitting "delete" and you never existed. (Not hard to imagine people "disappearing" in other countries whose governments we don't trust, just crazy-sounding in the first-person, as in "our country".) So, that's the modern interpretation some people have for that part of Revelation.

Does that give you an idea where the posters are coming from, as far as general end-of-the-world beliefs? It might still sound conspiracy-theorist or crazy to you, but hey, you don't have to agree with them, just like they don't have to agree with you.

Sorry they were so negative about your knitting pattern in particular, Colleen, but on the bright side, it sounds like it's only helped your pattern's popularity!

So unexpected, so hilarious. Your mittens are the devil. :)

There are folks out there who will interpret evil in just about anything. They're usually the same people who believe Apple computers are made by Satan because the logo is a bitten apple and will not let their children celebrate Christmas because Santa is the devil and not really a fat man in a red suit bringing presents. I firmly believe that everyone should have their own ideas and beliefs and that one of the things that has made our culture great is that folks can come together and have an open dialog and be united in their differences. But we've also seen what happens when people decide their beliefs are the only way.

I read your post and laughed my butt off. And then I sent the link to my friends and they all laughed their butts off. Mittens are mittens, and not heralds of the apocalypse. I'm glad that you see the humor in this and can treat this as it should be treated. And I'm glad you didn't take much offense (and if you did you had the grace to not broadcast it where as others would have probably started a hate campaign) but see this as what it should be-- a damn funny blog post.

Wow! The only demonic feature of the mittens. Not yours. Is most are done in WOOL! No, not even superwashed wool is safe for me. I quit knitting for awhile because people were making fun of me and my other fiber knitting. Finally, the person that made the most fun of me- She pulls Lyon Brand acrylic and Raves about how it feels. It is the brand I had been using in a heavy shawl. It is very nice. I do not have to take pills. It will never felt. Well, I have a pair of your mittens on the needles in Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Will post a photo of the beginnings.
These people need to pick on the people that have actually had chips put in their finger tips. So, they do not have to remember passwords.

((( Circle of Knitting Hugs )))


Whoa! Hold on a sec! While I agree that RFID chips are creepy, they are hardly a sign of the end of the world (except in an Orwellian way). It makes me wonder if the same people who think that a Tap Pass is evil also purchase items with credit cards (some of which are experimenting with the same technology--tap instead of swipe). Furthermore, the chip that people get imbedded in their hands or pets is similar to the stickers in CD and books and software that set off alarms at your local store.

You know what else we have to do in order to buy and sell? Have currency. Is currency a mark without which it we can't buy or sell? Yup!

Anyway, to blame the mitten, not the card as a prophecy coming true is just illogical.

Need to see this:
Everyone will love this site: Wonder if she knows what she has done.

Please hear me (along with the other Christians who have posted here), that we aren't all a bunch of whackos and that most of us explore all the backstory BEFORE we make comment. I'm sorry your creativity bore the brunt of someone who spoke before she knew what she was speaking about!
(and reason 101 why II don't mix religious discussion with my knitting on Ravelry or anywhere else!)

echoing - It's. A. Mitten. With. A. Pocket.

I thought the pocket was for my stash of premarital sex condoms?

*blink blink blink*

Wow. I now must knit these devil mittens :-) Some people need to get their heads checked!

I have no need for these mittens, but suddenly have the urge to go knit a pair right now!

Geez....What's next?

Too darn funny (or should I say damn) Can we still knit the devil mittens? I think I have to knit some now for my merto riding sister.

Seriously? I really hope this was a facetious thread...

I find it interesting, too, that the woman that started the whole thing isn't even a member of the group. Looks like she was just someone trying to grab her 15 minutes....

So pathetic.

I just wanted to take a break form lurking to say WTF. Why so much discussion on something as simple as a mitten with a packet to add a metro card. This mitten has absolutely nothing to do with revelation and imbedding a chip under your skin. People are CRAZY and have too much time on their hands.

DUDE!! That is incredibly awesome! You're helping to bring around the fucking Rapture? Rock on. Anyone who can speed the apocalypse by designing mittens deserves major props. Is there any way I could persuade you to design a hat or somesuch & speed everything along so that shit goes down before I have to start studying for the bar exam? THat would seriously rule. Many thanks you little spawn of satan. >:)

WTF! It's a pair of freaking mittens! Oh wait, they are devil mittens! Aaaahhh! 666! I'm gonna burn in hell.
Irregardless (duh!), those people are f-ing idiots.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this. A few years ago, I went thru a similar scenario with my mother. She had gotten ahold of the Bible Code book, and was seeing conspiracies and chips EVERYWHERE. (Don't EVEN get me started on the discussion over the Harry Potter books.)
Sadly, there are way too many Christians who DO believe this tripe wholeheartedly. And the series of books on the rapture and end times has significantly contributed ammunition. After all, God gave these men the talent to write, so it MUST be true. I have read 11 or 12 of those books, simply to have an in when the time comes. (And nowhere in those books is a yarn store even mentioned!)
I'm not an agnostic or atheist or fundamentalist anything. I don't call myself a Christian anything. I'm just me. And if I have certain beliefs, well, they're my beliefs, and not meant for public consumption. For a group to post this crap on a KNITTING forum deeply disturbs me. On several levels. It's another example of the internet being used to propagate misinformation, and foment fear. When that starts happening on sites where I should feel safe.... Well. Let's just say I'm seriously considering moving to the nearest mountaintop. Without internet. Where evil mittens peacefully coexist with saintly gauntlets. I'm just sayin, to quote CAP.
And now that I have blogged my feelings for today in your comments, I'm going to copy and paste it in my own Blog.
I'm on Ravelry as KnitchyPearls.
Peace out.

Holy shit! They are fucking mittens! (Really cute mittens that I would totally knit if myself or anyone else I knew could use mittens with pockets). Actually now that I'm thinking about it the person who mentioned a key had something. That would be nice for dog walking . . .

This is what is wrong with religious fanaticism from whatever camp it is coming from.

Thea from 2/1/08 @ 1:29 pm just topped it all off for me. What a hoot! Just remember that it's perfectly fine to have opinions, no matter how bizzarre they may be. Maybe somebody should start a Devil Pocket Mitten thread on Ravelry.

so disturbing and HILARIOUS. thanks for that does of crazy today! WOW.

I'm super late to the game here, but you already know how I feel about this. Some things are, seriously, almost too weird to believe. I'd have thought this a joke had I not seen it with my own eyes. It is a strange, strange world out there.... Aren't we glad we live in New York? ;)

Oh my God, there really IS a hell lot of nutbags out there... seems like someone has too much time on their hands. Evil mittens, yeah, right.
Sounds just like the woman from Georgia, US, in the documentation on TV last night, saying that Barack Obama was evil because his name sounds like Osama and he (Barack) must be Muslim. And everything Muslim was evil. Then they showed her son, and he was parroting everything his mom had said. I guess God forgot to give them brains... because if they had any, their brains could get eaten by zombies??

Why do people read so much into things? They are mittens. With a pocket. So you don't have to root around the bottom of your bag for your metro card. End of story!

i cannot believe it - as your first poster said holy f---ing moly....
could not think of a better thing to say myself

So, you don't have to slide the Charlie card through the slot? Who knew?


Ah yes, the pocket is benign. It's what we puts in it, my precious, that is evil.

My sympathies. And my chuckles.

holy crap!!!!!!

i have to wear my pope hat to combat the evil

That loud thud you might've heard was my jaw hitting the desk!!! I remember when I first saw thost mittens and thought they were so clever. Then many burnt out a few brain sells over the "don't need a pattern for the pocket" comment. I thought that was silly...but this?
...insane! Peolple really are nutty! By the way... your mittens in red with a flame pattern! Hmm, what's in my


Sheesh... People never cease to amaze me. :)

ohhh yikes! I didn't even read any of the other comments. But oh my god, 'irregardless' really irks me!

Hi! This is so Nutty! Is this why women do not get to purchase a nice everyday shirt with pockets? Gee Wizzz! This would mean they have chips in boobs. I guess men have chips in every part of their bodies. Just look at all those pockets in those new Jackets that go for $$$ and the new Cargo pants! (Instructions with these jackets show how to wire every device you own into each jacket.)
One pocket on a mitten!
I must have done this pattern backwards, sidewise and just about the most wrong way ever. I put my hands into the mittens. I could not find the stitches to pick and insert under the skin.
Which part of the pattern did I not do right?
Too much!

I like to believe that the world is populated by mostly sane individuals (I'm optimistic)--but it is things like this that make me say WTF!!!!!

I must have I missed the part in the bible proclaiming subcutaneous micro-chipping, or mittens with pockets, the devil's work... WTF?!? We really are doomed if there were enough people on Ravelry who think like that to have a whole discussion.

Wow... I agree with Nan and Chrissy. Those people like that make me embarrassed to be a christian sometimes. I am a christian and I don't believe that your mittens are evil... I think that they a ingenious!


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