Teeny Tiny

Like a bicycle stuck in today's slush, so goes the second sock.

Oh I've got lots of excuses. Last week was the first week of many with two classes. And that just means homework, lots of homework. [Especially when one of the classes began a chapter ahead of where we ended last semester. Hmmm?]

So, there's homework, and then there's this teeny home-improvement project that we're planning (for our teeny home). Or, I should say that it was teeny project (home is, however, still teeny). It began as a way to get more storage in the kitchen, and evolved from there. You know how these things evolve. New counters didn't seem like such a bad idea, either. No, no, not with Formica. How about quartz? But wait, weren't we going to replace those cabinets in five years anyway? Not with quartz counters, we aren't! Hmm, maybe we should get new cabinets, too. And a microwave over the stove! While we're at it, and the cabinets and appliances are out of the room, wouldn't this be a good opportunity to get rid of the white tile floor that shows every single speck of dirt?

The way that we justified it, it would stupid NOT to redo the entire kitchen now. One would think that this would be a relatively straightforward process, especially if you're not doing the work yourself. Oh, no, no. First, there are all the catalogs. Then there are all the decisions that the catalogs present. Then there are the "options" and "upgrades". It's not enough to settle on a brand and a doorstyle (which we did rather quickly--for us). You then need to settle on all the details. When you have a small kitchen, a few inches here or there can make a big difference. Once we did that, then we had the plans and specs generated. Then we reviewed the specs and discovered (because we now know the catalog better than the "designer" does) that there were quite a few mistakes. So now we need to return to the store to have the specs redone.

You wouldn't think it, but this stuff takes a lot of time. We've spent hours looking at catalogs, taking measurements, making drawings, and looking at samples. All will be worth it in the end.


I'm making teeny progress with the toe. That is, when I get another chance to knit. Maybe on the way to Lowe's...


Oh, I have much sympathy for the remodel and the time it takes on the part of the homeowner to get things just right. It seems that, these days, it's in your own best interest to be very well versed in what you're buying.

Best of luck!

I'm thinking of redoing my 'kitchen area' too. It's soo teeny tiny that it doesn't even make it to kitchen-ette status. But why does even pondering such a teeny-tiny project overwhelm and paralyze me?

Blurgh! I don't envy your remodelling, but you're right- it'll all be worth it in the end.

Good luck! Sounds like a snowball running downhill! Once the decisions are made you have the delays, something didn't ship on time, got lost etc. Sounds like the knitting will be the "bring down the blood pressure" cure. Sometimes a little goes a long way...

hahaha, i've been there! but you're doing the right thing by getting it all done now.

Last year our fridge broke and next thing I knew, new flooring, new light, new paint! Once it is done you will be happy.
Now if only we could find a new ceiling fan we like :)

Oh I hope your kitchen will not be out of service for long. When does construction start?

Good luck with it all - I'm sure after all is said and done you will be very happy you did it all at once.


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