Oh Come ON!

Just because I live in New York doesn't mean that I don't keep up on what's happening to the rest of the world. No, no, no. I still do, sometimes, pick up a copy of the Boston Globe :-).

One article in particular caught my eye. Did you know that young people knit? That there are, you know, whole blogs and stuff like that devoted just to knitting? Go figure!

Must be a slow news day up there. Didn't you guys just get a lot of snow? Isn't that worth a story or two?

Actually, I think a better spin on this whole knitting-isn't-just-for-grandmas-anymore business is, indeed, all the economic activity that has sprung up due to the internet's ability to connect people. Think about it. How many knitters dye yarn? How many knitters have become fashion designers when their patterns are published? And then there's Ravelry. Need I go further?

This can't be unique to knitting, but for the outside (non-knitting) world it must be strange to think about a rather old-fashioned hobby depending on such a high-tech platform to grow.

Finally, if I were a grandmother, I would be insulted.


wow, that article was rather (cough, cough) deep.

my dad pointed this article out to me as I too relocated to NYC - the only question I have: What rock have they been under?

We got around 9" of snow here in Boston. (I'll post photos this week.) As for young knitters, I've heard that rumor before. And even GUYS are knitting. It's amazing the stuff that they have in newspapers these days. [Note the subtle sarcasm?]

You know, it's the in-depth reporting like that that raised the price by a quarter...

i taught both my granddaughters who are now in their 20's and in college to knit when they were about 5... they both love it and when they were little you can't believe how many dishcloths we had!! not they are into scarves and shawls and they both have knitted socks and gloves.... they loved your mitten pattern... now i am teaching my 4 year old grand niece how to knit... and she is left handed... yikes

Just wait til they hear about the crocheting and sewing that's going - it'll be front page I tell ya!

News folks aren't always the most with it. Coming trends can go for years (well past the trend stage) before they get wind of them.

Hey, we had next generation Knitsmithers show up yesterday - May and Valerie brought their daughters to knit with us. I like to view it as a positive sign not a dis to us slightly older gals.

I liked this quote.

"Sometimes when you have stress, you knit," said Kimberly Petion, 10, of Mattapan. "And it just goes away."

A Great big thump on the melon of the Boston Globe! Not a week goes by where I am not asked by some young person to teach them how to knit! I tutor at both an elementary and high school and both groups think it is cool to get to plan and execute your own ideas. ( I even sneak in a little math instruction) I may not pass for young any more, but my students certainly do!

Someone said to me the other day that knitting was a "fad." And this person knew I was a knitter!!!

People KNIT? In this day and age?? You've got to be kidding....

I saw this coming as soon as I heard that Julia Roberts (celebrity and mommy and knitter all at the same time!!) was starring in some upcoming movie in which knitting figures somehow.

Hey - we grannies were knitting when knitting wasn't cool - my children were horrified that I would knit at their games, but now it's totally the in thing. Life is funny, no?

Knitting is my passion and I'm so glad I found it early on--it's definitely not just for a stereotyped group anymore! :)

Heck, if I didn't have knitting, I don't know how I'd stay sane through college!

I had the same reaction as you did. The exact same article has run innumerable times before. Perhaps is the only benefit to this re-tread is some free publicity for local yarn stores.

As a 17 year old who knits, that kind of article bothers me.

But, I have to tell you that when I was knitting on the 1 the other day and someone took my picture with my cell phone..I was a little bummed that it was a cute guy and not you for your blog.

Hey, Joan, maybe that cute guy blogs about knitting, too?

And I love this quote, "All of a sudden it's cool to knit". Sudden? OK, I suppose if perhaps you're figuring glacial pace this might then be considered "sudden"...


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