Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week!

It's been a while, hasn't it?


What are you knitting, subway knitter? Did you felt the flower pin that you're wearing? Some questions might never be answered.

I'm not sure I want an answer to the following questions:


How did this happen? And why? That's a pair of pants on the downtown R/W platform at 28th Street. And it doesn't look as if they dropped out of a shopping bag, or fell off of a pile of newly washed clothes. (Incidentally would you take freshly laundered clothing on the subway? I would not.) It really looks like someone purposely took off his pants before boarding the train. Ah, New York.

It does, however, add an interesting twist to the I'm-wearing-no-pants dream. You've boarded a crowded train when you suddenly realize that (mysteriously) your pants are still on the platform, and the doors have just closed....


maybe they fell out of a gym bag? no?

Maybe it was SuperMan? It COULD happen.

Here's a thought: how long ago did you take that picture? The yearly no-pants train ride by Improv Everywhere was last month. Maybe someone forgot to leave their pants in the first train, and dropped them on the platform when they were changing trains. I doubt they laid there very long after they were dropped, though.
(scroll down for a description of events between pictures and videos)

They use to have someone collect the pants and then go through the pants-less car offering "pants for sale for $1" but it sounds like this time either they left them all behind (unlikely) or someone just collected them for everyone and then gave them back at the end of the ride (if they wanted them back!)

It was national this year, too, not just in New York. Anyone here get caught up in the experience? I can't say I'd be comfortable participating in this one, but some of the other IE activities sound REALLY fascinating and make me wish I'd been there!!! Check out the "Mission Highlights" list on the right of their page at the top.


I was about to comment that it could be a poorly advertised art installation ...MJ's comment makes me think that perhaps it wasn't so poorly advertised. Maybe I just missed it.

New catch phrase for the 2009 event ... No pants left behind!

haha you've got to love the subway

you never know when it comes to this city - maybe the wearer got REALLY hot all of the sudden - I've seen worse.

Dave beat me to it; I first thought Superman. Of course, Anti-Subway Mitten Knitters may say it's proof of the rapture...

i came here to say what miss jubilee did.

yay for no-pants day

Oh Gawd! Pants on a platform. Great photo slice of NYC life.

You know, I've seen abandoned pants just like that on the subway platform a few years back, and completely forgot about it - totally bizarre!

Once, sadly in the years before digital cameras (or even camera phones!), I saw a very small shark's head on a sidewalk in SF, cut side down, as though the shark were swimming up through the concrete to wait for the bus with the rest of us.

But I do like the abandoned pants, particularly because there's a graphic.

Wardrobe change!


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