Mystery Subway Knitter of the Week (Serendipity Edition)

It's been a long time since we've seen one of these. I was beginning to feel rather lonely, riding the rails of the MTA and seeing just my needles and yarn.


Luckily, I missed a bus yesterday morning. It was one of those mornings where we left three minutes to make a four minute walk, and the bus zoomed by just out of reach. Of course, I was cursing myself as it happened. But then another, different bus came, one which caused us to get to our destination by way of the F train.

What's she got on the needles? Certainly it's not a pair of the Mittens of the Beast.


Unless, of course, it is mittens of the beast that would be big enough for the ACTUAL Beast!!! (sorry, couldn't stop myself!)

Rats someone beat me to the punchline. Was thinking mittens for Poppa Beast.

I saw someone knitting something from one of the Twinkle books last week on Metro-North. I thought she was using roving, so I had to get a closer look. That's a lot of yarn to drag around on a commute!

I guess some people don't differentiate from "home" projects and "go" projects! I always work small things when there may be space management issues!

HA mittens of the beast!! That's great.

nope, just mittens for Godzilla. Or maybe it is a knitted hoola hoop.

Felted mittens of the beast perchance?

I most believe in fate when I catch the bus I hadn't planned on taking. Love the new blog, by the way.


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