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I hope that everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Let me tell you, it didn't happen a moment too soon. Chez Subway Knitter was down to its last morsel of chocolate! We were truly in a state of emergency.

Despite the dire situation, I'm doing a little project planning these days. I know, I know, I've got a sock on the needles that needs to get finished (and I'm having fun knitting it, too). What business do I have thinking ahead?

But, I cannot help myself. The eye wanders.

Being a New Yorker and all, I'm making a concerted effort to add a bit of fashion to the wardrobe. I'm mostly failing miserably at this task, but I'm hopeful that little by little I can turn it around. I did buy new jeans last weekend (good!). Not crazy-expensive designer jeans (bad!), but inside this budding New Yorker is a prudent New Englander, and she will not let me spend all outdoors for an item of clothing that I can wear once, maybe twice a week. I bought two non-designer pairs for about the price of one pair of Calvins.

There's the frugality, and then there's the simple fact that none of those designer jeans fit me. My goodness! How scrawny do your thighs have to be to fit inside one of those pairs? Seriously. I'm size six or eight (depending on the brand), and I'm usually working to get those jeans up to my backside. And how low do I want my "waistband" to go? I'm not the only person who doesn't want to feel like a sausage, am I?

So, apparently I'm not a designer-jeans kinda gal. I accept that. But surely, this doesn't exclude me from other types of fashion forwardness.

Last year, during my Queens days, I laid my eyes upon an unusual wrap-type-thingie at The Point. It was a house pattern, free with the yarn purchase. Although I loved the design (and unfortunately, no, I don't have a picture), I couldn't quite pull the trigger. Then with the move, and unpacking, and the holidays, and the traveling, I forgot about it until last week.

This, however, is very similar, and I find its drape appealing.


Thea designed this pattern.

It's almost like a scarf with sleeves, right? Now, occasionally, yours truly gets to go to a big, dressy affair. Imagine this knit in cashmere. Delish, no? And, something like this would have been perfect for that Christmas party I went to this year when we were on the roof watching the fireworks... Yes, I went to a private Christmas party that included fireworks over the East River. Trust me, in New York, these things happen all the time. Such a garment would be useful.

Thea's offering the design on her blog as a fundraiser for FINCA, and you can read more about this worthy organization here.

I'm thinking that for spring it would be great to have a loose, wrappy type coat-thing that I could toss on when I was running out for errands, or dinner in the neighborhood, or, or, or.

And, I want to sew. Sew! Sew! Sew! "Sew what?" you ask. (Ha! Nice pun, I reply.) Sew this.

It's a shirt. I don't think that I've ever sewn a shirt before. Have I? No. But I find the long cuffs on this one hard to resist. Imagine the insides of the cuffs sewn in a coordinating fabric. Pretty nice, huh?

Plus, it would go with my new jeans....


It *would* go so very nicely with your jeans! I can see that design in a drapeir (?) fabric too. Bon weekend, ma cher!

oooh, i really like that shawl with sleeves. laura (cosmicpluto) made something similar but in plain stockinette with noro so it turned out really pretty.

That looks like a very cosy and stylish cardigan/scarf! A winner all around.
I've been thinking about sewing a shirt, but I'm really intimidated!

Free sewing patterns on the web? Golly, where have I been? If you've done a skirt, especially a skirt with a buttonhole, you can do a shirt.
I'll be waiting to see what you pick for fabric!

Ok! Will be great with the new jeans. Will be great for running out to the yarn shops and sewing shops. Ok! What color? What yarn are you going to use. We need to know! Enjoy! The project.
Will the Shirt match the scarf and jeans?

Hey I totally agree about the jeans, for me I would hate to feel like I couldn't mess them up with mud or paint or something.

That sweater/scarf design is wicked, I'm sure you'll make it super cool. Thanks for the link to burdastyle!

Ooh, dig the shirt! Definitely would look great with contrasting cuff fabric.

(And totally hear you on the jeans. It's like they've forgotten that some of us have leg MUSCLES.)

Oohhh..nice nice nice!


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