Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, here's a finished sock:


The first of the Waffle House Socks, designed by Marie is done. For those of you who don't remember, I'm test knitting this pattern. Since I've knit one sock, and I don't expect the other to be much different, Marie should be able to issue this pattern soon (if you're interested). I have only a few minor suggestions. Otherwise both Marie (designer) and Veronique (tech editor) did a fantastic job of giving us knitters a enjoyable knit that was easy enough to knit on the train, but just complicated enough to hold my interest throughout.

I bound off the two inches of ribbing last night, but didn't weave in the ends. Here's the benefit of toe-up socks: minimal finishing. As much as I like a good round of kitchener, eliminating kitchener means eliminating an end of yarn. I'm leaving the ends as is for now. I just might redo the ribbing bind off using a more flexible version than the simple one I employed.

Am I ready to do this all over again? You bet!


Love the sock, can't wait for the pattern!

But, confused, how does eliminating the kitchener eliminate one end to weave in? Don't you still have an end at the toe and an end at the cuff?

Ooh, pretty! Those colors are just fantastic, I've been staring at that sock every Friday since you started it.

Congrats on finishing one sock!

Love the sock! Great colors! Its always fun when you knit an untried pattern and it turns out great!

Oooh.... that's purdy! Really like those colors. Great job.

I love the way your sock came out! The colors are fantastic.

A finished sock is just the thing for the end of a long week! Enjoy the weekend (and the second sock).

Nice colors! Looks comfy. Can you talk about the two bind offs and tell us the pros and cons of each? I'm not always satisfied with my bind offs.

Looks great!

Love the sock! Can't wait for the pattern!

It's great when the test knitting is easy, isn't it? And I agree with the whole toe-up thing...less finishing is a good thing!

lovely! I love toe up socks too.

I am looking forward to having this pattern. Please put me on the list. Thanks! Great work.

Yay for finishing a sock! It looks great!

Are you entering the upcoming Sock Wars?


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