A Plan

A plan. A plan, yes, I have a plan.

It's a plan for sewing. Remember last Friday that I was coveting this shirt from the newly (to me, anyway) improved Burda Style site?


I'm especially loving a version of this shirt that had contrasting fabric on the cuffs. Oooh, I can totally see myself wearing it. I might need to lengthen the waist a bit so that I can maintain back coverage while bending over.

But it's been a while since I've given the sewing machine a workout. Don't you think it would be a good idea to get warmed up first? I do. It was on Nikki-Shell that I saw this bag. [ETA: The bag in the photo was sewn by the pattern's designer, Ali. Nichola made a version of her own--you can see it on her blog.]


Cute, eh? Incidentally, Nikki-Shell also created the shirt that you see above. The fact that she used both of these patterns is a complete coincidence. Apparently, great minds think alike :-).


That Nikki-Shell is talented and creative! I adore both the shirt and the bag. I know you can do both if you put your mind to it, Colleen! Very cute!

that bag is adorable - and i love the contrasting collar and cuff shirt too - you could warm up by just changing the collar and cuffs on a shirt you already own.... but then you wouldn't have the cool bag, so maybe you need to make that first! In time for spring, in case it actually shows up.

From Snowy Boston, Thea

Great bag! Great shirt! You have a great (and busy) weekend ahead of you I think.

cuuuute bag! a good warm up exercise indeed.


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