Today on Donaghue: The Passengers Who Photograph the Knitters who Photograph other Knitters and the Knitters Who Love Them....


If you ever ride the 1 train from South Ferry you're going to meet lots of tourists. Lots of German tourists if my observations are accurate, but maybe that's a story for another day.

Anyway, there I was, doing what I always do on the subway when I have a seat (knitting, of course) and these two (German tourists--seriously) found it so interesting that they asked if they could take my picture.


Now, who was I to say no in this situation? After all, a good proportion of this blog's content has come from doing just that. Especially after they asked my permission. Do I ever ask? No!

But, who was I to miss out on a blogging opportunity? And this opened an interesting discussion among strangers of where they lived in New York, what their favorite places were, and so on. Who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?


How nifty is that!

Stricktouristen auf die U-Bahn!

very cool!

That is so funny! When I was in Germany last summer, I had people stopping to watch as I knit on trains. I was told it is very unusual to see someone doing that at all much less in public!

That would be what my mom calls a good exchange of information. Sounds like they were really nice!

I would think our European counterparts would be very into knitting....some of the greatest yarn and needles seem to come from there.

Did you practice your German? I was in NYC yesterday. No subway rides but I did spend four hours on a bus, 10 minutes on the green line and . No other knitters in sight. Did see a nice Noro hat, though.

That's great! Sometimes I feel like people are snapping pics with their phones while I'm knitting on the bus. Who knew we were so interesting?!

That's our Colleen: Global Knitting Ambassador!


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