Sock Progress

When we last saw Marie's sock, I was working my way around the heel.

Now, I'm making great progress on the leg.


Incidentally, this is the first picture that accurately catches this electric colorway. I love it.

Some of you might remember that this is my first attempt at magic looping my socks. So far, here are my observations about the the technique:

1. It's much easier to knit while standing on the train if I'm using magic loop. Now that my commute begins far from the beginning of my subway line (and thank goodness for that) this is an important development.

2. Once I switched to the all-over stitch pattern, instead of knitting half and half (pattern on the top of the foot and stockinette on the bottom) moving the needles on the sock became so much easier. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to knit the foot on DPNs and then switch to magic loop above the heel. But that's just me.


That sock looks so cool! I Definitely found that magic loop worked better when packed on the green line, but those pointy sticks still made people back off a little! :)

It's looking great! I'm very intrigued by the pattern. I'm still trying to figure out which needle method I like best myself.

tell me again .. explain it .. what's "magic loop"?

LOVE magic loop. I find it's a little trickier to avoid ladders, but still possible. Love that colorway too!

Love the colors! What is a magic loop?

The colorway looks amazing!


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