One Toe...

...coming right up!


As you all wrote in your comments, it was easy-peasy. I think that I'm a convert.


Well done! Which cast on did you use? Judy's Magic cast on? Turkish? Figure-8?

Congratulations! Wait 'til you see how easy the gusset and heel is. Then, can two at the same time be far away????? Cheers!

"Easy" isn't the word I'd use to describe it. "Elegant" or "clever", sure, but not "easy"!
Congrats :)

I really admire you for figuring this out. I've read the book. Seen a demo etc. And I still don't get it! As I understand it (if I understand it at all) one can do 2 socks at the same time (!?!?!) I guess I should re-try

Yup, I was kinda intimidated by it the first time too. Now, it's a sinch! (sp?) Looking good....

Now that you know how, you can start socks on the train! I use dpns instead of circs, and the figure 8 caston. I knit in my car during my commute, since 15 miles takes about an hour. Waiting in traffic 6 light changes to make a left turn, I can have that toe started!

Congrats! I can't wait to see how it comes out. I knit all my socks with magic loop but I haven't tried any toe-up versions yet.

Welcome to the club! I've been a turkish cast-on convert since my third pair of socks.

OOOH, love the yarn!

Auntie Subway is using some pretty yarn there!

What happened to the rest? That won't keep you too warm. Love that yarn! The colors are gorgeous!

good going with the new cast-on. love that colorway!


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